2008- It’s not how we fall, It’s how we rise after falling!

31 03 2008

You don’t have to wear a badge on your sleeve to have pride in who you are and what you dream and aspire to become. I guess the Million Impossible web site talks about “Dreams to Reality” and “Strength in Numbers”. One thing it does not talk about is “Never Letting Go”. I am going to share with you through my web blog my most personal thoughts, feelings, emotions and try do what most people cannot do:- Lay myself naked and Bare in front of you all and let the chips fall where they may.

I am the Unknown Entrepreneur. My spirit flies high in the sky and I believe any individual can change his or her stars, however, there comes a time when through all your trial and tribulations that you may reach a point when you can take no more, your strength has wained, your spirit reduced, your strength weakens and for a moment, a brief moment in time you loose your belief, you loose your way, you loose your anchor and purpose and do not know how to get back. It is a very dark place that many people never recover from.

I wonder after all that i have been through, good and bad, all that i have experienced, will i ever become the great person that i always dreamed i wanted to be?

This is my story, my life, my heart and above all my spirit. The question i am asking myself right now is “Will I overcome my fears pain and anguish to become that person? Well judge for yourself as i take you into my past and share my future with you.

For Dreamers Everywhere

Regards and Best Wishes

The Unknown Entrepreneur




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