1995- Landing $2 Million of Unsecured Stock Funding Credit from a Broken Chair

1 04 2008

My palms were sweating, my heart pounding, my nerves holding as i look across and gaze into the eyes of my Korean contact Mr Kim. He was a Global Director for a Korean Conglomerate that manufactured and exported just about everything from cars, wheat, grain, Military Weaponry, Tanks, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and more importantly textiles. They wanted to break into the UK textiles and Mr Kim had big Dreams of impressing the Koreans back home and he need a pony to carry him to the land of glory.

My friends and family were calling and placing synthetic inflated orders on my then six incoming BT lines to our second floor leafy suburb office in order to make us look like we were a company that could handle the sale and distribution of nearly 200,000 promotional jackets that has to be sold within 6 months of the Indonesian containers landing at Felixstowe. We had just sold 15,000 jackets in the previous year.

There was no way that we could handle such a huge logistical task let alone find the resources to take the product to the UK market. I was kidding myself if i thought i could handle fifty 40 sq ft Hi cube containers.. Have you ever seen the size of the container ships. I was about to move into 24 hour working days, eating off pennies, being warehouse man, sales man, marketeer and gladiator! Oh dear what did i do? I signed on the dotted line and finalised a deal for $2 Million Dollars, the best of all it was totally unsecured. The guy was sitting on a stool that had three legs that also had dried pale blue and white paint dried over it………

I finally did it and i was on well on my way to becoming an Entrepreneur! I was not thinking about economic climate or myself, instead set about making history in the promotional clothing market…..




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2 04 2008

How many Entrepreneurs give an impression that they are sitting in a plush office bloc, when they trade from a portacabin on an industrial estate? Loads I bet! Not all make it but I look forward to reading your story.

25 04 2008
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