1997- Mr George Michael and The Spice Girls- how do you do?

1 04 2008

1997 and It was the Help a London Child Awards, we were in a top London Hotel on a table of 10 very unique individuals. I was now a supplier to Capital Radio plc and had been invited with one of my work colleagues to attend and enjoy the awards. It was the year that George Michael went up on stage made a tearful heartfelt speech after loosing his beloved mother. He gave away £1 million that year the Help a London Child- Amazing. The Spice Girls had only the just hit the pop world and were new to such events and were giggling about together as you would expect after finding fame so quickly and in such a short space of time, how innocent Victoria Beckham was back then. George was an lovely man, i enjoyed talking to him straight away and yes i went to Brand merchandise for both George Michael on DJ record bags and supplied baby puffa and bomber jackets the team who handled the spice girls merchandise… I even supplied the jacket that Meat Loaf wore in the film “The Spice Girls The Movie”. Everything was just fine……..???? !!!

Chris Tarants name was mentioned with a company called “The London Millennium Party”, that name will haunt me forever. The next minute I’m at The London Hippodrome running a promotion for the supply of £50,000 of merchandise for the biggest Millennium Party London should have seen.

As soon as i delivered the £50k in merchandise it was gone! I was the victim of a long firm (for those of you who do not know what a long firm is… Simply, it’s a business setup with the specific intention of going bust taking everyone for a ride on the process). Although i was insured by Griffin Factors (HSBC) they never paid e out and i went on a wild hunt to find my £50k I goods…… What followed was a dark and mysterious trail that apparently ended up in Tenerife under the guise of the notorious Plamer’s… my life was worth more than £50k…. How i found my goods and uncovered web of intrigue when the police did absolutely nothing just goes to show “If you want something bad enough you can get it”……. Just don’t ask for an elephant in your back garden because you might actually get one……..




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2 04 2008

Look forward to the web of intrigue that follows! We don’t ever want to be threatened through our working life but it must be an occupational hazard when you’re a Policeman – Nasty people if they didn’t want to get involved. How do you make sure you don’t fall foul of a scam without being over cautious? I suppose if everybody knew, we would all be on our way to a fortune.

30 04 2008
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