1984- Entrepreneurial spirit starts at a young age

2 04 2008

I always worked even as a young boy, cleaning cars, working on market stalls, selling music tapes and filling up the Cabbie’s at the local petrol station. In fact i would almost anything that could earn me a buck or two. I can remember going out on my bike riding down the hill with my bucket strapped to the back of my bike, which seemed to fall off at every opportunity. A cold winters day, hands can hardly move and only two cars cleaned so far. One of my customers went out to the shops and left the back door open… I went inside and removed £5 from her purse. To this Day i do not know if she actually knew that i had taken a fiver.. I regret it now but looking back it saved my from having to wash another car in the freezing cold. My conscience never let me forget that what i did was wrong.  Sorry Mrs J at number 56 please forgive me!




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