2007- A friend made me realise that in order to help others you must first help yourself

4 04 2008

I always took great pleasure in putting everyone first and i still take great pleasure in helping other people. I put everybody first for so may years that i totally forgot that actually , i was the most important person in my life..

My friend Catherine said to me “Unknown Entrepreneur, if you were on a plane and it was going to crash and you with your children and your family and the oxygen masks came down from the overhead compartment who would you put the masks on first?” I replied: “well my wife and my children and then of course myself”. Catherine replied: Well if you passed out who would then save your family?”  In that moment i realised that in had been doing it all wrong.

The most important thing that i had realised was that now finally after all these years, that i could now start following my own dream and start to build something that i believed in……… My journey had just begun.

In beginning my journey i knew that it would take everything i had and more. I had just been through the most traumatic time in my life, my heart was broken, my soul in tatters, my belief system jarred and above my faith in God was somewhat in doubt. To top everything else off i was broke……………

Starting a business from this position would not only take courage and strength it would take a MIRACLE




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