2007- The Miracle

4 04 2008

THE MIRACLE – I was driving north for an interview to join a large telecoms company as Sales Director. It was a big task, however the roll came with a six figure plus salary and the usual executive benefits. I was used to being a sharp shooter for large sales based organisations that had struggling sales team and  figures and this business needed a shake up. I would go in and bang crash wallop and within 3 months my results we through the roof. It was reminiscent of Patrick Swayze in the film Road House…. You know the film where no one likes  and him at the start and he gets his tyres punctured and windscreen smashed…. People fear change and what i did was to CHANGE EVERYTHING…. and if someone became what i call a “Salmon” who wanted to swim upstream, i would show them the right way if they did not want to change, well you guessed it…. I ended up eating baked salmon….. Yummy.

Anyway back to the story……. I was driving North wards and the  Miracle happened. I could not think about the interview all i could think about was what Catherine said to me “Help yourself to help others”…………….. Then it came to me! An idea that was over 30 years in the making. The name of the business was now obvious and i had to start following my dream.

I attended the interview and then return to my car and drove like a bat out of hell for 3 hours to get home and all that way i was dreaming of things to come, dreaming of what could be, i was happy, i was excited but above i was scared! I was so scared that i would not have the resources to deliver my idea the world.

I was on the brink of financial disaster, i was lost at sea and i had no one in my life that i could love and that could love me back and this person would need to be my rock during this testing time….. with love in my pocket would i be able to do this on my own? NO i would need other like minded and mentally strong individuals but would they believe as i do?

I remember watching a video on Peter Jones which you can find at www.peterjones.tv and in this video he said that his biggest success was in not giving in….. He said there were so many times when he just wanted to give in.

PETER JONES- Thank you i know exactly what you mean !




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