2008- Reaching Boiling Point and knowing what to DO!

16 04 2008

When things heat up around you and you find yourself reaching boiling point, there are only two eventualities (1) You reach boiling point and its lights out (2) You reach boiling point and turn it into your distinct advantage, but at what point do we decipher the difference between hanging in and fighting or realising that we have to let go because there is actually nothing that we can do stop it?

I must admit that i have not quite yet mastered knowing the difference. It seems if you are a fighter and you believe in what you are doing then you hang on regardless of the outcome or until you are so burnt to a crisp that you can no Longer distinguish the difference between a human body and a piece of over baked Pork Crackling.

OK so here is my point……….

Perhaps we should not leave it so long before the situation starts to heat up
Perhaps we should talk to like minded individuals and gain invaluable feedback
Perhaps we should not be so proud, stubborn and foolish and accept that a storm is looming
Perhaps we could or should have taken preventative steps
Perhaps we could have taken another approach and have no second chance to take it again
Perhaps we did not learn from a previous bad mistake or decision

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps……………

So what if there was a network of people who shared their good and bad experiences and this resource library grew so much that it became a bible of knowledge of surceases and failures that all individuals have been either proud to share their success and not so proud to show their failures?

I think the four most powerful words in the world regardless of language or cultural or religious beliefs are “CAN YOU HELP ME”………….People never say “No” but whether they can actually help you or not is another matter entirely but surely if you ask enough people someone will be able to help…

So how do we create a place that individuals can come and feel at ease to discuss both successes and failures? How do we help people to understand that we can stop people having to re-invent the wheel, reduce the amount of failures and increase all of our success rates?

In the mean time i wish all of you luck but remember –  “Be prepared to go on the occasional wild goose chase because thats what wild geese are for”

Good Luck
The Unknown Entrepreneur





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