1995-Its the Man not the Van!

25 04 2008

You have often heard the saying “Its the man not the Van”….. I believe that to be completely true. Whilst one man is sitting worrying about inferior another is getting busy in becoming superior. So what sets apart the doers from the shirkers?

The Answer is quite simple – Attitude, Belief, Strength, Purpose, Honor, Desire, Drive, Goal Orientation, Integrity and Honesty…

Let me tell you about a little van called “Hi Ho Silver”.. It was 1995 my promotions business needed every penny i could get my hands on to fire the business up and take on the Korean Glory seeker – see earlier post https://theunknownentrepreneur.wordpress.com/2008/04/01/landing-2-million-of-unsecured-stock-funding-credit-from-a-broken-chair/

So i sold everything my car and my house and all my treasured belongings… I could not afford  much by way of a car and actually i needed a van…. I came across old silver, a small Renault van that had been resprayed but had broken wing mirrors and dented wings…. £45 from the scrap dealers soon cured that.. and for £1145 i had my new van which would carry my stock, take me to appointments and would also act as my car….. “Hi Ho Silver was my work horse” this little van had over 195,000 mile soon the clock when i sold it… It was one of those fantastic buys that always started and never let you dowm….

I have felt let down by so many things in my life but old Hi Ho Silver always delivered- I wonder if he is still about? I’m sure he is…… It was not just the Van rather what i did with it.. Silver took me everywhere from trips up north to my manufacturers, to clients, and to weddings (although i always parked around the corner for those)…

In any case it’s what i did that me different from other people. i did not worry about what i looked like, instead i just got on and did the job at hand!






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