2006 – The True Strength of a Man is Resisting Temptation

2 05 2008

How many people truly have the strength not to say or disclose something even when it is directly affecting, hurting or damaging them? Instead they take it in the chin a protect the individual that has caused the issue in the first place…

During 2006 i protected both a man and a woman from potentially painful exposures. The partied were not associated with each other. I took the main brunt of both of the situations even though it costs me both personally and financially in both instances.

I had the strength that most people i know would not have handled at all. I guess my point to you all is this.  Is it better to know and not say and protect the ones that you love, in the process you damage yourself or should you say all and get the burden off your shoulders.

I choose to protect, but would i do it every again, I’m not sure! The pain and hurt it caused was so immense that i do not think i could do it again. That being said when you are facing the moment you do what you instinctively and my instincts are and always have been to protect the ones i love.

I will never be the same man again but i am more experienced in pain, hurt and anger. Before 2006 i had never felt or experienced these emotions and it has taken me nearly two years to find balance in my mind, heart and soul- and I’m still searching..

Should we protect the ones that we love at all costs?
Should we bare the burden to protect others?
Does honor play a major part of it?

If we do hide a secret for someone at all costs, is it because we think that we are strong enough to handle it or do we just think we are and act without thinking about the emotional damage that we could experience as a result of it?

What would you do?






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2 05 2008
2006 - The True Strength of a Man is Resisting Temptation

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