2008- The Unknown Entrepreneur to Reveal Himself

8 05 2008

Fellow Entrepreneurs

We all choose to become Entrepreneurs without fully understanding exactly what we could be facing. I guess if you are like me then you enjoy challenges, love hard work and gave many things up along the way to realise your dreams, including money, love, family, friends and a life in general.

I am also certain that many of us would not have started our Entrepreneurial Journey if we had known what was lying ahead?

I spoke to a fantastic lady yesterday who has a very high profile and has been through what i can only guess was a traumatic time only to turn it round, shrug it off and become successful once more. This lady signs off her text messages as Regards R – I thank you for what you said to me and for what i am about to write, you made me realise that so many UK Businesses are in fact struggling but for various reason they do not ask for help even though they desperately need it.

I will reveal myself to you all on Monday 12th May and from that day i will no longer be the Unknown Entrepreneur. I will be the man who i have always been. A fighter, A Son, A father and also an Entrepreneur who believes in success being a journey and not a destination. 

I am a man who will stop at nothing to help fellow business people and Entrepreneurs in finding an easier route to success by uniting together, talking openly and honestly with each other about our thoughts feelings and confront the commercial challenges that we all have and are experiencing on our journeys and we will do this by creating strength in Numbers and going from Dreams to Reality..

From the 12th May my blog will contain very raw, personal and open thoughts feelings and emotions about who i am and who i wish to become and above all how i think that as Entrepreneurs we can unite together and learn from each other. I am going to share myself with you all and let the chips fall where they may. I am going to open myself up to criticism and judgment from the UK’s press and Media and i am fully prepared to get Naked and Raw during this Journey and I believe that somebody has to do it.

You may be asking yourself this question right now “So What” who cares about this man and what is the relevance?

The relevance is this. There are 4.7 million sme businesses in the UK. Many of these buinesses are in a very tight financial spot. Many of these busnesses need more sales, more profit, more customers, a reduction in purchasing costs, help on what to do next and to discuss with people who have already experienced something that you are about to….

I am aged 37, I class myself as an Entrepreneur and yes i am chasing the Impossible Million! Isn’t everybody? I am going to do something that not many people have the courage to but so badly need it. I am going to try to get people to open themselves up and feel comfortable to talk about success and failures and feel totally OK about it…. after all that’s life…


Most people in business are the same, we all talk proudly about the wins, yet we have all made more mistakes than we have success. Its easy to sing all our praises and tell everyone we achieved this today – Great ! Fab, Amazing! It takes a greater level of strength to talk about those costly financial and personal errors that we have all made.

I’m going to tell you mine in the hope that it ill start a fire that you will all start to tell other Entrepreneurs about yours and together we can create something, unique and very special – Its calledTotal Honesty” and perhaps just perhaps we will all be able to help each other

Initially i will probably feel like Jerry Maguire in the scene from the film where Just Jerry and fish Leave the Building after loosing all but one of his clients – we all know how it ends up!

Romantic yes, Doable yes,  So who’s coming with me…… I’ve got my fish. I am 37 years of age and my life has just begun! Will you start yours?

The Unknown Entrepreneur






One response

8 05 2008
Vicki Flaugher

I can’t wait for your identity to be revealed. The best stuff is naked and raw, personally intimate, and real. May your coming out of the shadows be all you ever dreamed. We’ll be watching!

Vicki Flaugher

p.s. I’ll be sure to tell my female entrepreneur blog readers about you–we all appreciate good stuff like this.

High Vicki…… Thanks for your comment… Well i opened up today. Not sure it is the best thing but hey! someones gotta do it! I really could do with any help that you can give me. I am desperate to get my member numbers up on http://www.millionimpossible.com. . It’s free to join and we welcome women and have quite a few already including Emma Thompson who was fast track 100 business coach of the year last year….

Can you help?

Regards Bradley Chapman – The Unknown Entrepreneur

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