2008- Million Impossible! Dreamers Dream it,The Thinkers Think It, Entrepreneurs Do It!

12 05 2008

Being an Entrepreneur is not an easy job. We take risks, we face failure more times than we realise success and we go to hell and back trying to achieve it.

The idea behind Million Impossible was very simple. Create a web site and unite Entrepreneurs together in the UK and then who knows the world. Join all our knowledge together and help each other! It would not matter whether you were bankrupt and facing financial disaster or whether your were already in your own eyes “Successful”…. If we could all share our experiences good and bad and be totally honest about them then we all just might have a greater chance of success.

Trying to get people to see your vision is slightly different. Can you imagine pitching to people while you are a bankrupt that you have an idea that could change the way that Entrepreneurs act towards each other. But don’t worry, as an Entrepreneur you will be called “CRAZY” more than once! Well that was 7 months ago and two stages in web site development later Million Impossible does not seem as Impossible as we first thought.

I can tell you this – People will ride on your coat tails of your fame and fortune while you are successful. You will impact many lives for the better, perhaps 1000’s as i have done and yet you can be discard in a second and dropped like a hot potato.

  1. Start Now- Don’t be afraid to start again with or without money you can do it!
  2. Alone- Take comfort that you are not the only one trying for the Impossible Million
  3. Dreams- Follow you dreams and don’t ever give in even when you face your darkest hour
  4. You’re not the first- Talk to people who have been through what you are going through
  5. Celebrate the wins – Remember to smell the roses along the way
  6. Kaizen – instead of passing blame, find a solution
  7. Trust- Trust the ones you love and love the ones you trust
  8. Visualise – See it, feel it, do it
  9. Touch  – Go out and research your market and obtain feedback
  10. MAKE IT HAPPEN – and above all ask for help!

The next stop for Million Impossible is to gain 1000+ members plus and then on to 5000 + members. We need your help in raising our membership numbers. The simple fact is that the greater number of people who register free and use Million Impossible the greater the benefit we will all receive and more Entrepreneurs will have a far greater chance of their business being successful.


Strength in Numbers




One response

22 05 2008
Jim Abbondante

Very interesting! I was cruising around the net and stopped by to see what you are all about – and believe it or not – reading your article got me to thinking about leadership – and the kind of leadership you are providing. I had someone ask me what I thought leadership was and I explained that ‘results-oriented’ leadership (especially in a new business environment) is not only about being consistent in your demonstration of what ‘good’ looks like, but it’s all about finding ways to further increase the ‘real’ return you’re able to receive on what you’re investing in your people while you’re working together with them on a daily basis to get the job done on behalf of the customer or client. I explained that leadership involves discovering new and more effective ways to create even greater opportunities for growth and success on the part of each one of your people, your team as a whole, your company, and also your customers and/or clients. Leadership is all about you being in the driver’s seat when it comes to you ‘being’ and ‘doing’ whatever it takes to insure the success of anyone and everyone who has a vested interest in your organization’s success. There’s a lot more to demonstrating and providing genuine leadership than most people in leadership positions realize. I have a feeling you guys are going to be extremely successful. I wish you much success! Stay the course!

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