2008 – Rachel Elnaugh- “Never Say Die”

13 05 2008

Some people say, some people do. It’s what we do not say that should really be said

Rachel – Thank you for talking to me about my current situation and the advice that you gave me. I feel quite naked right now, but i hope in some way that other entrepreneurs will find the comfort with the fact that they are not alone- and you most definitely personify everything that Entrepreneurs are and could become. You said to me that if I was open and honest about what i had been through that other Entrepreneurs would feel it, because 95% SME are going through similar challenges.

When we met today I asked you how you feel know after Red Letter Days and you said that you have found a kind of peace in your life and have time to reflect on what you actually want to do now.  Some people come in to our lives and go quickly while others leave a mark that lasts forever!

Thank you for your time and advice. Your book is great, I read it front to back last night and i must say it touched me. Appropriately named “Business Nightmares” When Entrepreneurs hit crisis point! Exactly where i and many of Million Impossible members are right now.

Thanks once again Rachel – “Never Say Die”

Bradley Chapman – The Unknown Entrepreneur

Please visit Rachel Elnaugh’s web site http://www.rachelelnaugh.co.uk/. She is a very interesting and charming lady who has been through hell only to bounce back stronger – Carpe Diem!




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17 05 2008
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