2008 – Credit Crunch? It’s time to get more bang for your buck!

3 06 2008

Free to Advertise UK Business DirectoryWith the Credit Crunch combined with recent fuel increases at nearly 30%  playing havoc on businesses up and down the country we have to ask ensure that we get More Bang for our Buck!

After looking at the what i feel is the the most important aspect of being in business “Profitability” can we really stretch our money to go further?

The answer very simply is YES but at what point do people realise that the free stuff takes a lot of blood, sweat, tears and effort to achieve?

I spoke to a new double glazing firm today. Great people with a wealth of combined sales and marketing experience yet they have been disillusioned by the same thing that we are searching for…. HOW TO INCREASE NATURAL WEBSITE RANKINGS ON THE SEARCH ENGINES!

They registered as a free member on Million Impossible today www.millionimpossible.com and will now start to use some of the features that we have for members..

Search telecoms numbers from £99+vatThere is no simple path but you can start by getting a few links to your site created each day. If you use a mixture of paid directories as well as free directories you will start to see a lift in about a month to 3 months.

You can place a free advert on www.businesssourcer.com and well do the artwork for you free. You can also use some of the free press release sites that we have selected which will also help increase your rankings. It has taken us 7 months of hard graft to achieve a Google ranking of 4 on our main web sites ad there is no quick fire way. It takes Google months before your site becomes trusted but the simple steps that i have mentioned will help you accelerate your visibility…. to Learn more look through the million impossible forums and you will pick up a wealth of information… http://www.millionimpossible.com/forum.asp and if you register you then talk to other members!

All our members are sharing their ideas and together as united Entrepreneurs we are stronger as two heads are better than one and 100 heads are better than 2….

What are you waiting for join us today and move your business forward along with the current 600 other Entrepreneur members (and growing).

Regards Bradley Chapman






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