2008 – Building a Business Network Website with Limited Capital

5 06 2008

I guess that i could have taken a much easier route to potentially earn money but something inside me and i guess it’s the softer side of me or the human side that feels so deeply for all the budding and aspiring Entrepreneurs that do not quite make it and the pain that they go through during the aftermath that follows a failed enterprise – The strong get back up and try again with the new knowledge that they have gained.

I cannot wave a magic wand and make everybody successful business people (including myself)  and i guess nobody can. That’s why i was compelled to launch Million Impossible. Well you all know my story by now, fro loosing everything to starting with nothing…. My blogs tell you all what i have been through… and of course i am facing my own dilemmas, exactly the same as everybody else – THE CHALLENGES OF GROWING A START UP BUSINESS AFFECT US ALL IN DIFFERENT WAYS!

Million Impossible is not to far away form reaching our 1000th member and after only 6 months of trading we are really proud (and somewhat exhausted) that we have come this far with such a limited capital. Some of you may say 1000 members “that’s not a high number compared to say facebook”… but when you look at what we created and the websites that we have had to design to support our Entrepreneur start up packages – well we think we have done OK….

Just today I am faced with our first main internal wrangle among the sales team… I cannot stand the corporate separation that some/ most businesses go through. It is vitally important that all teams pull together and that every one pulls their individual weight, even excelling at times when your co-workers are having a tough day.

Our business is at a very crucial stage right now. We are so nearly have a business and we are just as close to having to step back and consolidate ahead of further investment being required. If we can achieve what we have planned without further investment then Million Impossible really could be a true testament to what we said originally “Anybody can make their dreams a reality as long as they have passion, belief, determination and a will to win regardless of race, age, gender and financial circumstance”.

We still require Entrepreneurs to join us and register free on our site. And even send out an email to your friends recommending the site them (as long as you like what you see). Million Impossible can only help the people if the people help themselves first! Open your mind, open your vision and open your heart to a whole new way of doing business HONEST OPEN AND RAW!

The Truth Shall Set You FREE

Regards – Bradley Chapman




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5 06 2008
Start Your Own Business

I couldn’t agree with you more about having passion, Belief & determination!!

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