2008- Entrepreneurs, You don’t have to wear a badge on your sleeve to have Honour!

17 06 2008

I have just returned from a great weekend in the Lake District and for the first time in my life have had a woman who cares very much about me treat me to a great time away with our 4 combined children. Well if the 6 hour drive there and back was not enough time to reflect my thoughts feelings and direction then Centerparcs and 4 days of cycling up and down hills (with kids in carry buggies and jelly legs) gave me plenty to think about… Thanks Emma – I just wish i could give you more of my heart, mind and soul but I’m still not ready to take the next step without feeling complete as a man and a business person/ Entrepreneur. I hope that i can find myself once more as time will certainly show.

OK so here is my synopsis and just to recap for any new readers. My name is Bradley and after some reasonable success in my life found myself bankrupt and heartbroken at 37 years of age… Life ripped apart from a mixture of bad decisions and bad luck as well as poor judgments.

I decided that enough was enough and i got 5 people together to start what i thought was the beginning of my life “TO CREATE SOMETHING THAT WOULD HELP BUSINESS PEOPLE” Million Impossible was born www.millionimpossible.com a website where entrepreneurs could unite together and share their most naked and raw thoughts about being in business… I also thought that if businesses had the opportunity to advertise their businesses for free that we would have covered two of the most important foundations for new and existing businesses – (1) Building a network of trusted people that you can work with through your business career (2) Advertise and promote your business on a very  cost effective basis………….

Business can only survive through making profit and we have lost money for 8 months to get our Websites live, interesting, useful and above all warming enough to make people feel at home so that they can actually realise the benefits of using such a website..


I have been reflecting on my personal and  business position… Million Impossible currently has around 750 members and growing now at circa 80-100 per week and Business Sourcer now has around 1600 advertisers with nearly 5000 adverts live. The business is growing but not fast enough….

We are now on average across the month just breaking even!
We are not moving forward quickly enough
We need more investment to make the profit levels that we need to make!

I am mentally tired, physically exhausted, hugely frustrated and feel absolutely battered by all what has happened to me over the last two years and above all have a large doubt as to whether we will become successful on our current path…. I mean , we have a great web site and a good business model but we certainly do not have the funds Facebook has and really who wants it invest in an idea from someone who has gone thought bankruptcy?

On ReflectionIf i could change things right now what would they be ???????????????????


First i would lean to smile again. I do not smile as much as i used to an my sense of humour used to be wicked and i guess the pressure has changed that… They say that a smil can travel the world and now we are trying to get an esmile to travel the world.

As far as the business is concerned this is what we need to right now

  1. Find a suitable investor who can help us move to the business forward
  2. Increase our sales team so that we can increase our income/revenue
  3. Increase the awareness and visibility of our three main websites
  4. Create a enjoyable place to work that we can feel proud of having created it
  5. Build Million Impossible and get ready to launch www.billionimpossible.com in the USA
  6. Prove to all the people that have doubted us or tried to hurt our business that we are strong enough to overcome any adversity

You know i am not a superman or superhero, In fact i am just an ordinary man who had a dream, a dream that one day life would be easier for his kids and himself.

So where do we go from here. Do i accept that the business will hobble along until such time as it starts to grow? Will the business grow? Am i honestly being realistic in believing that it could work?


So many people have commented on our site, so many people say “What a great Idea”…. Well myself Heidi and Colin also think its a great idea but with any ambitious plans that Entrepreneurs come up with “You have to return a Profit”.

What do you think?
Have you looked at our site?
What do you think of our business?
Is is clear what we are trying to achieve?
What could we improve?

Someone one told me a while ago that at a meeting of 600 business people only one person was happy with their business. That’s less 0.16% happy business people or to put it another way that 99.84% of business people who are either worried about their current business position or are facing some crucial and critical decisions to either save their business or move it on!

AM I THE ONLY THE ONE WHO CAN BE TOTALLY HONEST THAT IT IS NOT EASY BEING IN BUSINESS IN TODAY’S CLIMATE……………. You don’t have to wear a badge on your sleeve to have Honour…. So why is it that Business People still insist in saying “I’m Fine” “I’m Fine”………….. People it’s time to lift your skirts, grab your balls and make a decision!

All for now

Kind Regards
Bradley Chapman








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17 06 2008
A Life Once Lost » 2008- Entrepreneurs, You don’t have to wear a badge on your sleeve…

[…] 2008- Entrepreneurs, You don’t have to wear a badge on your sleeve… I hope that i can find myself once more as time will certainly show. … in my life found myself bankrupt and heartbroken at 37 years of age… […]

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