2008- Million Impossible Announce Face to Face Networking Launch

23 06 2008

We launched Million Impossible Plc’s online business and Entrepreneur network during November 2007 www.millionimpossible.com and as of June 2007 we have secured over 800 live online members. We also launched a free to advertise business directory called Business Sourcer www.businesssourcer.com …….

We created Million Impossible to provide a true and honest business network where members really wanted to help each other. A network where members can share their successes as well as their mistakes and although and e-handshake can travel the world we have to consider the face to face mix!

We are now looking to launch our face to face county based network which will provide our members the opportunity to put face’s to the names of our members.

Each County will have a Regional Network Controller who will be the head of the region. This will be an existing Million Impossible member who already owns and runs their own business who shares our passion in uniting Entrepreneurs and business people and that Dreams really can be made a reality!

Each appointed Regional Network Controller will hold twice monthly county meetings.. The meetings will be a mix of networking, sharing ideas, promoting business as well as motivational and inspirational talks and group discussions.

We are currently working on the operational roll out plan and hope to have our first county (Essex) live within the next two-three months. Once Million Impossible launches our Face to Face network, we hope to move on to become a top UK contender in Business Networking and Business Seminars

Million Impossible PLC is a story of how dreams can become a reality regardless of your age, race, religion, nationality and financial circumstances. Although the journey is not yet completed and the business is still in its infancy… we are showing that a business in today’s very tough commercial climate can start, grow and develop regardless of what challenges it may face or obstacles that it will have to overcome.


Bradley Chapman
“Creating Strength in Numbers and going from Dreams to Reality”




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