Entrepreneurs – Are you confident all of the time?

3 07 2008

Good morning Everybody

Interestingly i was talking to a business acquaintance the other day about confidence. Not just confidence in what we do and who we are but confidence in the advice that we give and whether that advice actually helps the person/ business that we offered it to?

When Entrepreneurs feel good about themselves and they feel that they have the midas touch it is almost as if whatever they touch turns to gold. To the contrary when an Entrepreneur has been through a rough and challenging time both emotionally and physically they can find themselves not saying what they actually want to say just in case they get it wrong and they become concerned that if the advice goes wrong that it will reflect badly on them….

Confidence “The Meaning”

“A belief and a self-assurance in one’s own abilities. In competitive sport, confidence includes having an expectation of success. Very often the most successful sports people have high levels of confidence, but it is situation-specific: e.g. a person who is highly confident when playing tennis may not be confident when swimming.”

I would say this about giving advice:-

1 – It’s not easy because most people are not honest with you

2 – Giving advice is a way of supporting someone else’s thought process

3 – If you have been asked it is because someone obviously respects your point of view

Regardless about how you feel whether you feel like Midas or feel like Mud – say what you feel and go with your first instincts.. After all you are only giving advice and besides the people who ask for advice normally have their own answers, but there may well be something that you say that could help with any given situation that they then consider building into their equation.

I guess the bottom line is that anybody can give advice and i was taught that even a fool can teach you something. However i would much rather say my thoughts now and be right or wrong than not say what i want to say and have any regrets down the line at not having said what i should have..

So my fellow Entrepreneurs whether your feeling down or on top of the world hold on to your belief and your thought processes as it is that kind of resilience that makes us all innovators..

Have a great day!

Bradley Chapman






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