2008 – I’ve got Holes in my Shoes

16 07 2008

How funny – As a business we are having the best trading start to our week, the business is moving forward, we are recruiting more staff and we are getting rave reviews about our website..

One of the sales guys who deals with memberships asked me to talk to one of our clients today and as usual I am talking away about the business and generally as i always do over selling the product and as i say to the client “Million Impossible represents all business but especially business that are going through challenges” and as i am talking about how difficult it is to survive in business, i cross my legs and notice that i have two big holes in my shoes…….

I just thought i mention it because there we are trying to promote Million Impossible and where we intend to take the business and i am wearing shoes with holes in them… !!!!!!!!

Holes in my Shoes

Holes in my Shoes



It made me chuckle

Regards Bradley





One response

24 07 2008
Roger Panton

Next time (as if there will be a next time), perhaps you will use the occasion to talk about changes that affect the small one man businesses, about ‘shoe repair’ as a small business or how so few people are in that industry now that they have to supplement it with ‘key cutting’ etc. to make a living; about the ‘throw away’ society we now live in that we do not consider the idea of ‘repair’ ….’Nuff said!

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