2008- The Million Impossible Team

16 07 2008

This is the small team of people who are building the back end of Million Impossible’s Entrepreneur Business Network. They are all very dedicated people and all of us have been through a tough time either personally or in business or both.

We are making sacrifices in terms of time, income, emotions, family and friends in order to keep our dream alive which is to build one of the Worlds most successful Entrepreneur and Business Networks with very limited funds…

The reason that we are trying to do this is to prove that regardless of age, race, financial position, gender, religion or nationality that you can make your dreams a reality if you unite with other people and draw upon their strengths.

Heidi is our operations Director and she has a heart of gold, a solid business head and is one of the most loyal people i know. Always an air of inspiration- A true fighter. She is also very Shy and does not like her picture on Blogs (but ill tell you a secret – our members can see her full picture at www.millionimpossible.com). Heidi definitely holds our business together and she is the BIG CHIEF and when she says no! We all pay attention.

Heidi Weir “The Shy One”

This is a picture of Colin Stroud who is our web development director and has been the inspiration behind the design of our web sites. Colin not only manages all the art and design work he also manages some 20+ domains that we own and run. Colin is a quiet but observant guy who has a wicked sense of humour. You have to be very careful when you go on a firms night out as he can drink and usually ends up in a corner mumbling “I’m Alright, I’m Alright” – A great guy that is a dedicated, loyal and hard working director and dad of one.

Mr Colin Stroud “The Human Torch”.

And this is me Brad Chapman, just a simple guy really. I want to help businesses and change the way that we think as a business community but its not easy because so many people are too proud to accept or ask for help until it’s too late but if we do then our businesses journeys become easier and we will all feel more “JOY than “DESPAIR” along the way..

Brad Chapman “Believing is everything”

You cannot build a ship without the right team, You cannot set sail unless you have a captain, a navigator and an engineer. In business terms you have an Entrepreneur, a manager and a technician and without an excellent working relationship between these three characters you are dead in the water.

You also need money to fund the project and for that we have to thank Mr Simon Clarke, Mr John Blewitt, Mr John Chapman and Mr Frank Crossley for believing in our idea and funding the initial stages of development and more recently Rachel Elnaugh (former MD of Red Letter Days and panel of investors on the BBC’s Dragons Den programme.

We are now 8 months old and are going through growths pain like many other start up businesses. The greatest thing about our business is that we have a great team, who have a big heart and who are prepared to do whatever it takes to make Mi a success..

Regards From all the Mi Team

Bradley, Heidi, Colin, Mat, Ryan, Kirsty, John B, John C, Simon, Frank and Adam





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