Many Entrepreneurs will face Immense challenges during their careers that change their lives forever! Have you faced yours?

24 07 2008

So many Entrepreneurs face some pretty serious decisions during their business careers which will shape and determine the success or failure of their respective businesses. So what sets apart the really strong characters from the ones who either hide in shame or are just to proud to say “I made a mistake or I need help”….?

What is the difference between someone who gets back up after falling?

I believe that it is a combination of mental strength, courage, faith, believe and above all sheer determination in having the ability to over come any adversity to succeed in getting back up and having another go.  From the experiences of very hurtful personal situations like marriage and partnerships break ups or bankruptcy that can destroy a business to force majuere or mistakes from the decisions that we as Entrepreneurs have to make – is the mixture need to reach success.

When i came up with the idea of Million Impossible, it was just one mans dream to create something real, something honest and something that could touch the hearts and minds of all Entrepreneurs regardless of age, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or personal financial circumstances.

The idea went from one mans dream who at the time was bankrupt to second a third a fourth and now over 1000 people are sharing that dream being members of Million Impossible. We expect our membership base to grow astronomically during the next three months as the Entrepreneur community starts to come together in feeling completely comfortable talking about their business challenges as well as their successes.

“The Honest Entrepreneur” is a title well placed to sum up what Million Impossible’s business network is all about and I owe my coming out and telling everybody my life and business story to a woman who i think has an amazing commercial acumen as well a being a very heart felt woman called Rachel Elnaugh former MD of the industry leading – Gift/ Experience business called “Red Letter Days” and former panelist on the BBC’s very successful and much loved “Dragons Den” programme.

I am so pleased that finally after 9 months of blood sweat and tears from the management team and myself that we have finally started to receive feedback from our members that what we are doing is not only unique in the way that we are approaching the “Raw Entrepreneur” in terms of honesty starting with myself being in the “Limelight of Criticism” but even more encouraging that i have now spoken to so many members that have been or are in very similar situations to myself and feel totally comfortable about expressing and sharing that with me.


I guess the most important thing right now is to realise that none of us have to be alone and we all have a thing called emotion. Share that emotion and i guarantee that you will not only feel better but you will find an inner strength to continue on your path toward realising your dreams.

Our online digital magazine launches in about 3 weeks featuring Rachel Elnaugh and you visit her new website here Rachel offers business owners and Entrepreneurs everything from Mentoring and coaching to business Master classes and I can assure you all that it could be one of the most important investments that you could make this year.

If you have been through a challenging time in your business and you would to join us then please register fee by visiting our web site and you too could feature in the launch edition of our “Dreams to Reality” magazine.

If we all stand together and  help each other we will becomes the worlds most powerful Entrepreneur network.

The Unknown Entrepreneur

The Unknown Entrepreneur

Best Wishes

Bradley Chapman




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24 07 2008

You’re right about so much. Entrepreneurship also takes something you clearly show – vision – as well as the right guidance. Many people turn to friends and family for advice – even if they’ve never run a business before! Others do the exact cold opposite: they become know-it-alls, even to their detriment. You mentioned coaching, on the other hand, which is a significantly more valuable investment that marries the two.

Another thing an entrepreneur needs to face challenges is the willingness to stop doing things that don’t work. My sister runs a home-based retail candle business and had continued with so many different advertisement methods that didn’t reward her. I introduced her to some good forms for testing and measuring advertising methods and some calculators for increasing profits at Now she feels like her eyes are opened.

Your passion is clear and you’re making so much sense. In economic times like this, people may be afraid to take the reigns of their destiny – which is why waiting until your business throws off enough profit may be very wise! – but it’s necessary for the future of this country.

19 08 2008
Future Leadership

A favorite quotation of mine on leadership came from Jim Collines who said “Smart people instinctively understand the dangers of entrusting our future to self-serving leaders who use our institutions.. whether in the corporate or social sectors.. to advance their own interests.” In our highly political times his thoughts are well worth consideration.

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