Entrepreneurs – Face what you fear dont be afraid

29 09 2008

I was talking to a close friend of mine this evening about something that is due to happen to him shortly. He said to me that he was unsure if what to do and that he has now change the path that he was going to take and has decided to change the path……..

We all have decisions to make every day, some easy, some not so.. but at the end of the day we do what feel is right, we do what we feel will provide us with the best outcome.

However, sometimes our judgement can be marred our clouded by what we do not know – The Unknown! The unknown can cause us to make knee jerk reactions when we should stand steadfast with our beliefs in tact.

All i can say to you my friend is that i too have faced the situation that you are now in and you will make the decision that is best for your and your family as we stand in the present, but do not make the mistake that many make in our position in that we make the decision based on what might happen and what could happen rather than what will happen..

Tell the story how it is and let the chips fall where they may…. “nothing can hurt you unless you give it the power to do so..

Good luck – Champ

I am with you through thick and thin…

Regards Bradley




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