September is bad month for me!

30 09 2008

I have not been myself during September and have found myself reaching for something that is not there. I broke up with my ex two years ago this month and it has brought back all the pains and anguish that i went through. It was not just the break up but the 18 months of hell that ensued and of course the custody battles to see my two beautiful girls…

Although i am now in a flourishing relationship with a woman who really loves me and my kids, the month of September is a month i do like to face and quite honestly have not faced it too well at all. My work has suffered and as a result my team have missed me at the helm and my health has also suffered as a result.

To top it all off, I visited an allergy specialist only to find out that i can no longer take any comfort eating chocolate, cheese, white bread, wine and my favourite of all mushrooms and shell fish! Oh well jelly babies here we come….

I have not really had closure on what happened two years ago and i must admit that i have had trouble coming to terms with it, although i have moved on i still bear the scars.

I think that when people go through a break up they can cause more emotional and financial damage than necessary – after all it takes a stronger person to say sorry..and a weaker person not to.

So as i leave September i am looking forward to October and the first of our trade shows which we are attending at The Business Show on the 23rd October 2008 being hosted at the Bolton Arena.

September will never be my best month and i apologise to all my team if i have seemed a little distant. I am strong but everyone needs to take a little shelter sometimes.

All my love

Bradley Chapman




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