Entrepreneurs – Rachel Elnaugh Business Masterclass

2 10 2008

I recently attended a one day event ran by Rachel Elnaugh called Business Masterclass– The event was held at the British Library and I must say that I was most impressed with not only the content and quality of the day but also the British Library itself.

Rachel was her usual charming self, both welcoming all the participants and making them stretch their minds in thinking about their respective businesses.

I absolutely recommend the day to any Entrepreneur who runs his or her own business in that you will benefit hugely from the day and the experience in itself.

Rachel has been through some major adversity and has been able to find the courage and strength to get back up and fight and actually start doing something that she not only enjoys in helping Entrepreneurs but also she has managed what I am certain was a stormy time inside her self to find calmer waters.

You cannot help but feel totally comfortable around this lady and inspired at the same time. The experience that I took for the day was that as Entrepreneurs we do not have all the answers but by keeping an open mind and a positive attitude that in fact anything is extremely possible.

I met some really lovely people who interestingly are varying stages in their business from pre start to start up and established businesses and all of whom took something from the day..

My Definitive plan (Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich) now sits above my desks and states as follows:-

(1) I Bradley Chapman by 2012 will have created the Worlds largest Entrepreneur Network

(2) I will always give my honesty about how I feel remembering that emotions can both harm and heal

(3) By 2012 I will have net assets of £5 million

I have being speaking with Rachel for about 6 months now and would recommend to all my Entrepreneur colleagues to consider attending a Masterclass day or request a quote for her valuable mentoring services.

Regards – Bradley

www.millionimpossible.com – “The Worlds first Honest Entrepreneur Network”




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