If the UK Government can bail out failing banks then should it do the same for UK Businesses?

16 10 2008

With the recent news that the UK Government is bailing out our high street banks, it has caused a stir amongst local Entrepreneur and business communities. The Banks have made a mountain of money over the last ten years and are now asking for Tax Payers money to bail them out. It begs the question as to what extra help and support the Government Intends to put in place to help the business community?

With more and more businesses feeling the pinch is it time for support to me made available on a local and national level. After all, it will come down to Entrepreneurs once again to be creative and innovative with their businesses to get the global economy into a positive position once again.

With so many businesses failing it is more important now than ever before for Entrepreneurs and Businesses people to check and double check their risk in terms of both cash flow and above all profitability. If you cannot make a profit you cannot move forward and if you are not getting paid on time then you have a risk of going bust.

If the government could make help available to businesses then what do you feel it should consist of?

Low Rate Business Loans
Allowance to help train and improve employee skill and knowledge levels
Discounted Corporation Tax Rates for the first two years of trading
Research funding grants
Government owned and run business incubation centres

What else could we do to help UK businesses?

Regards Bradley




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