Entrepreneur Business School – Time for Change!

7 11 2008

Entrepreneur Business School

With so many Entrepreneurs businesses failing through lack of knowledge and real scenario experience, it is time to help increase their chances of success by creating a school for entrepreneurs.

Million Impossible was created with the intention of helping UK businesses by using an online network where Entrepreneurs would help each other in specific relation to their key business skills and industry experience.

The network has come a long way in the last 12 months and I feel that it is now time for a major change in educating aspiring and experienced Entrepreneurs so that we can increase their chances of business success.

My vision is to create an Entrepreneur School run by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs teaching their real life experiences. The school would allow Entrepreneurs to go through a business programme that covers everything from incorporation of their company to intellectual proprietary rights through to sales marketing and accounts and taxation.

I have not broken down in detail yet how many days will be required to deliver the course but I feel that it should be delivered in three phases.

PHASE ONE – Startup Businesses

PHASE TWO – Established Business

PHASE THREE – Strategic Business Growth

Each business section would be delivered by an Entrepreneur who has relevant business experience in each particular field. This would add a real dimension to the school not seen before.

I would like to see an Entrepreneur School in every county of the UK. We have not yet announced the name that will be moving forward with yet so stayed tuned for an announcement.

If we could get enough successful and experienced Entrepreneurs and varied businesses signed up to the scheme from each county then we could push for Government and Local funding to support the School.

The student Entrepreneurs could also join a company in a similar arena to their business idea after the course and enter a real time scenario giving the aspiring Entrepreneur a reality and sense check on their business plan.

I will update you with a more detailed plan shortly.


Bradley Chapman

Million Impossible – The Honest Entrepreneur Network
Raw Magazine – Only Honest Entrepreneurs Need Apply




2 responses

8 11 2008
Matthew Ballinger

What a fantastic idea!

If only something like this had existed when I started my first business 10 years ago. Whilst I am sure it would not have stopped me making mistakes, it may have given me a better understanding of some of the hidden challenges that you are not aware of when starting out for the first time.

You have my fullest support in this venture and I would be really interested to see if there was any way in which I could help.

All the best

Matthew Ballinger
CEO of Web Office System Ltd

15 11 2008

Matthew thank you for your kind comments! A man after my own heart. I love your ethos and I will be very pleased to help you promote your business systems to our members.

I look foward very much to seeing you on the 25th November

Thanks – Brad

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