Million Impossible Secret Mission – Have you got the Minerals?

15 11 2008

Attention to all the team members of Million Impossible

What team would not be complete without a major team challenge and team bonding exercise before we head off to the Business Startups trade show at London Olympia at the end of November.

So you all work in an Entrepreneur based business. A business that talks about overcoming adversity, learning from other peoples mistakes and a business that is trying to make history by uniting Entrepreneurs across the world using one common theme and vision “Only Honest Entrepreneurs Need Apply”.

Team Mi your two captains have been assigned for this weeks – Teamwork Express to Scary Town The million Impossible team bonding challenge..

Only the String Survive - Have you got the Minerals?

The date has been set for Thursday the 20th November 2008. Time 5pm kick off from a secret Chelmsford location…… Only the Strong Survive – Have you got the Minerals?

Your team leaders are:-

Team (1) Captain – Jack The Basin Bowl Boy Gardner – Heading up the Business Sourcer ad Crew.

Im the daddy of cool

Im the daddy of cool

The team consists of Mannie the Fox Laverty, Adam I can hit my target Cowen, Matt Don’t i look good Hickey and Kelly web girl Marie CorreiTeam

(2) Captain – Michelle I love plumbers Punter – Heading up the Mi Network and Raw Mag crew.

I always get my man

I always get my man

The team consists of Kirsty My milk shake is better than yours Cooper, Scott Im Famous English, Laura honestly im focused Conerney, Ryan tesco timberlake Smith and Alex I can handle my drink  Flint…….

Your Mission Should you choose to accept it: –

Bring warm clothes, torches and a change of clothes. Receive your initial instructions from your adjudicators Brad, Colin and Heidi then solve the riddle, locate the treasure map,move to your LZ find the locations where the golden network coins are positioned, collect the clues, Rendezvous at the secret location ahead of your team and receive the Million Impossible Team trophy award (and perhaps a beer or two!).

Once the challenge is over return to Team Brad HQ for further liquid refreshments and a spicy pizza…

I expect all team members to make the evening.. Only death will excuse you from carrying out the challenge. Any persons who cannot make the team bonding evening will not be able to attend the November Trade show.

Clue: Read this Blog once more before you depart

Regards Bradley

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