The Mystery Entrepreneur- Who are you?

25 11 2008

During the last couple of weeks i have been receiving emails from an Entrepreneur who goes by the name “Mr C”. I do not know this man but he has taken the time to pass advice to me on our business.

It is the first time in my life that i have communicated with someone that I do not know. Mr C’s intentions are both guiding and caring. Why is this person taking an interest in me and my business activities?

I am a very small fish, I have been and am going through major challenges and trying to overcome adversity every day and yet there are so many people that will take the time to help a fellow human being and that encourages me.

Right now I am working to probably 50% of my true capability. I have still not come to terms with what has happened to me over the last two years and i still have a major battle on my hand, moreso that i have told any else.

Our business is still in its infancy and we all know that many businesses fail within their first 12 months of trading for various reasons whether it just be a poor idea, bad management or indeed being underfunded, which as you all know by now is our main struggle.

Mr C’s emails are suggesting certain directions to me and he is correct in his wise words. There are times when you can act on sound advice and at other times it is impossible to act upon that advice. Mr C you are right and decisions will have to be made shortly about our business and what direction it takes.

I wanted to express my thanks to you for your emails and I hope one day that we may meet. In the mean time i guess that you will remain an enigma to me.

I also hope that i will find the strength and courage to use the other 50% of the ability that i know i have. I have fought for so long and so hard, but at every stage of my journey something has been taken from me and piece by piece my courage, strength and focus has been drained.

I have an amazing opportunity waiting for me and all i need to do is get back on the saddle and fight like I know how. I used to be unstopable in my quest for success and nothing but nothing could prevent me from climbing any hill..

Mr C I hope that you will come and see us exhibitting at the Business Startups show this weekend at London Olympia – stand number 245 and see for yourself if we can really turn Impossible into possible.

Best Wishes
Bradley Chapman




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