It only takes one Entrepreneur to start a fire

15 12 2008

When i first decided that i would give up everthing and start a business with just a shirt on my back i knew that i would face more adversity and go through more pain than ever before in my life. I also knew that if i could find the strength from my family, my friends and my network of contacts that perhaps, just perhaps i could create something real, something raw and intense but it had to have meaning and it had to have a purpose.

The purpose was to help protect entrepreneurs who like me have had a dream , a vision or a pocket of pure inspiration and feel compelled at whatever cost to persue that dream. I called it my Jerry Mcguire moment.

So who wants to come with me?

That moment of inspiration that i had back in August 2007 will stay with me for all of my life. I will never forget how it felt, i will never forget how compelled i was to act.. and act i did.

Like many entrepreneurs i did not think about the personal and financial cost or the implications that could arise from my inspirational moment. Entrepreneurs take risks and you will find that some people will walk with you no matter what adversity you face on your journey, some will run for cover at the slightest drop of rain, while others just hide in the shaddows and wait until you a sure thing and jump your tail coats.

Heidi Weir – thank you for being there with me through every step. You are a credit to women in business.

“It was just a mission statement”

Entrepreneurs unite with us and help us to make this journey a journey of self discovery..

Dreams to Reality

Bradley Chapman
Million Impossible  – The Entrepreneur Network

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