Entrepreneur School – If we unite we can do it

17 12 2008

All Entrepreneurs have had a dream, a vision or a glimpse of something that they are drawn to and feel that they have to create. Many Entrepreneurs are great visionaries and I believe that they are the ones who will help get our great nation back on track and move us out of the dark recession that we are now in.

I had a dream to unite Entrepreneurs and now my dreams has evolved into creating a school for Entrepreneurs so that we can teach the basic skills required to navigate the at times perilous business journey that we all will or have faced in our drive to make our dreams a reality.

I cannot do it alone but one man’s dream can become many peoples reality. If we can bring some very high profile entrepreneurs together and perhaps obtain some government funding we could create a school for Entrepreneurs that will increase the success rate of business by a massive margin.

Click here to get involved or to read more about Entrepreneur School.

Bradley Chapman

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