Welcome to Entrepreneur Paradise!

16 02 2009

It’s Monday the 16th of February 2009 and for all the Entrepreneur lovers out there – Did you manage to get your partners some flowers, some chocolates or that special gift?

The team at Million Impossible had a night out on Friday, which as normal got a bit messy! The drink was flowing and with it the new members to Mi HQ experienced a baptism of fire! Everybody finally came home either Saturday morning, afternoon or evening and a few managed to drag the weekend into Sunday! Shame on you LOL.

As Entrepreneurs we all seem so busy building our businesses that we can at times forget what is most important to us – our loved ones. They stand by us while we work relentless hours and when we think up ideas 24/7/365 they support us. Valentines day is a day to make relationships stronger and heal wounds between lovers and partners and i hope that you all managed to heal and strengthen yours.

I did bring my loved one some heart shaped balloons and a personal gift but i forgot to give her my heart so here it is.. Thanks Em for your support and standing by me this last year or so. You have been an angel!

I Love you!

I Love you!

Lots of Love Bradley




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