Entrepreneur challenges Virgin Airline with latest modern Aircraft

21 06 2009

Watch out Sir Richard Branson I have taken my first flying lesson and it will not be long be long before i complete my first transatlantic crossing!

My better half purchased a trial flying lesson for my birthday recently and i took to the skies like a natural. The Cessna 152 was an amazing aircraft holding just two people – The pilot and myself and without a moments thought we taxied to the runway at Stapleford Abbots Airfield.

As my four children watched I taxied safely and then before they knew it their daddy had taken to the skies.. I had put my business networking company on hold for a day and concentrated purely on myself and wow what a feeling it was.

The very next moment i was airborne and climbing to 2000 feet. My instructor was a young lady who was very calm and and extremely good fun!

My first lesson was amazing. My friend flies for BA and I wonder just how much skill you need to fly an Airbus? I mean my instruments were very basic.. The artificial horizon, flaps, rudder, throttle, fuel gauge..

I loved every minute of it and I am now focusing on becoming a major competitor for Virgin Airlines!

Thanks Em it was a truly wonderful experience- 143





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