Entrepreneur School Launches in UK by Million Impossible – The Entrepreneur Network

6 07 2009

I am pleased to announce the launch of Entrepreneur School (Essex), which will be held bi-weekly on Wednesdays at the same venue. The launch of Entrepreneur School networking events from Million Impossible now gives our business and entrepreneur network the added benefit of face to face networking as well as our existing online networking business.

We plan to roll out Entrepreneur School events across the country and Million Impossible members will be able to apply, sponsor and run Entrepreneur School events in their area/county. An Entrepreneur School event can be opened in any UK county/area.

I have decided to roll out Entrepreneur School on the basis that Million Impossible members are assigned a region and will be responsible for the running of that region. Each region can be managed by one or two people and they will then be known as the Head of “Kent Entrepreneur School” or “Sussex Entrepreneur”- Similar to a franchise model.

The first launch night Entrepreneur School will be held on the 8th July in Chelmsford our home town at 6pm-8.30pm and I hope that you can all find the time in your busy schedules to attend and contribute towards Entrepreneur School and how it is run.

I have looked at many different Networking events and wish to discuss the best way forward with Million Impossible members that wish to attend on launch night as to how we should run Entrepreneur School and the best way that we can build the concept.

I have a basic model which I would like to present to you all on the launch evening as to how I feel that we should manage the events. There is so much business experience now within the membership base of Million Impossible that I feel it will be much better for the business, our members and future new members if we all come together as a network and agree how ES should proceed.

Also for us as a business to manage the growth of ES by running every event ourselves will be virtually impossible and would harm the long term growth. By opening it up so that we effectively have heads of each County/ Area will mean that there are no limits to our growth.

Regional ES Meetings to be held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings with a 6pm start time through to 8.30pm. By running the networking events across four days allows flexibility of members who wish to visit other Entrepreneur School Groups.

Attendance fees will vary per event depending on whether food is supplied during the event.The head of the ES will welcome everyone to the event and list the evenings speakers line up and run through how the event works for newcomers.

Two new speakers should address the attendees at each event lasting no more than ten minutes, 30 minutes in total. The topics should be varied and educational representing great take away value for the attendees. Speakers will be booked in advance and will be promoted by Million Impossible’s online Network, Newsletters, Business Forums, Business Articles and Raw Magazine which is published Bi Monthly both online and in printed editions.

The three speakers for each event will pay a fee to speak to the audience. The fee includes attendance and they will be allowed to put up a table and a roller banner to promote their services after they have delivered their educational topic and the speakers section has finished.

From 7-15pm the event moves into a networking event where attendees have the opportunity to talk and discuss any aspect of business with any attendee. I will be touring different regional events to add value wherever I can to each region.

During the launch night on the 8th July we will be talking about the best way to run Entrepreneur School and discuss with Million Impossible the best format. If you are interested in running an Entrepreneur School event in your area then please attend the launch night. Further information will be available after the launch night for interested parties.

Entrepreneur School is both for people aspiring to start and run a business as well as experienced Entrepreneurs who are already running a business. We all need help, support and guidance at every stage of our business whether it is formation or Management buyout and who knows even Stock Market flotation. We can all give something and we can all learn something.

The aim of each Entrepreneur School event will be for members/ networkers to learn all aspects of being in and running a business, pass business referrals, network and increase contacts base, Members to offer help and support to budding and aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses, mentor and tutor each other, talk and discuss business successes and failures, to raise and build confidence levels of individuals who would not normally use face to face networking as a business building option, anything else that the sponsors of schools agree to roll out.

Entrepreneur School face to face networking events for networkers will be charged at between £10 – £20+ Vat per event with multiple booking discounts available, which will include a light buffet and drinks in many schools.

Entrepreneur School sponsors who will head up and run an ES event will pay a sponsorship fee and will run their area for 6 months or 1 year and are priced at £595 and £995+Vat respectively.

Entrepreneur School sponsors will benefit from an income opportunity and raised profile and marketing status on Million Impossible online Network, ES Group marketing and Raw Business Magazine exposure.

Each Entrepreneur school head sponsor will also become a moderator on and use Million Impossible’s business forums as an extended communication/ business link for all Entrepreneur School members to talk, discuss, share and contribute online with their peers.

Each Entrepreneur school head sponsor will also be able to use Million Impossible’s online community chat as an extended communication/ business link and live discussion for all Entrepreneur School members to deliver a live webinar/ discussion on varying topics of business.

Entrepreneur School attendance numbers are only limited to the venue size and interest for networker members to join and get involved. There will be recognition for the Entrepreneur School head sponsors who grow their schools/ networking event to 25/50/75 and 100 members.

Entrepreneur School is an amazing online and face to face networking opportunity for all UK businesses. When I first came up with the idea of Million Impossible I never dreamed I would know the people I now know and have experienced the things that I have.

It makes me so proud that our members are starting to engage and help one another. I hope that with your help that Entrepreneur School becomes a UK County wide leading business networking event.

Whether you wish to attend a local event as a Entrepreneur School networking member “ES Networker” or you wish to head up and manage a school in your county as a “ES Area leader then please confirm your attendance for the Chelmsford launch event for the 8th July by emailing me at Bradley@millionimpossible.com or by calling 0845 468 5000.

Dreams to Reality – See you at the event
Bradley Chapman – Founder
Million Impossible – The Entrepreneur Network


Entrepreneur School - United Kingdom

Entrepreneur School - United Kingdom




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