Million Impossible

2 08 2009

Million Impossible launches Entrepreneur School

The area leaders will now have great fun in talking on the Million Impossible forums and we look forward to promoting your businesses in Raw Magazine both online and in print.

Any member of Million Impossible, free or fully subscribed, can apply to head up, run and lead an ES. Over the forthcoming weeks, we will look to appoint an Area Leader within each geographic region. We intend to grow to UK-wide coverage over an 18-24 month period.

Each Entrepreneur School will be able to grow its own member base and numbers will vary between groups of 15-50+ depending upon the Area Leader’s activity, motivation and the support they receive from Million Impossible account managers.

Each Entrepreneur School will initially follow a pre-determined format, which will then be moulded and shaped by the management team at Million Impossible and the ES Area Leaders in a closed forum on the main Million Impossible website. Area Leaders will also be actively involved in an Entrepreneur School open forum for members to engage people in online post-event networking. This will enable maximum cross-pollination of ideas and both member and business referrals.




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