Entrepreneurs dont forget the ones you Love while you take your Journey

15 09 2009

I am totally immersed in my goal of trying to create a “World Leading Entrepreneur Business” that i forget to say thank you to the ones i love..

Yes my emotions are running high and the pressure for my team and myself at this juncture for Million Impossible is immense. The struggle to build a business on a limited capital investment combined with fighting against the odds grows every day.

There are so many people that know my story but very few people that know the full and true story. It is a tough one to tell and i hope that one day i will be able to tell you all in graphic detail. My friedns investmed thier hard earned cash in a little idea called Million Impossible, our members have invested thier money in memberships looking to Million Impossible for immediate and long term benefits, my friedns have stood by me but there is one or two people that i do not say thank you too enough.

My sister Simy who believes so much in me it brings me to tears. My mum Brenda who has stood by me through all my sins and successes and my very loving supportive mrs Emma who has been a rock for me and our 4 children (the 5th is one the way).

It’s been an emotional day for me for one reason or another and while i am working in the office at 11.46pm as usual i put my Will Young CD on a this song hit me, made me cry and urged me to say thank you from the bottom of my heart – between you three ladies “You have put my Bones back together”. Thanks for being there – I love you all so much

From a son a brother and lover and father
143 Forever

Braddles – Keep believing in me, you are my rocks x x x x




2 responses

16 09 2009
Simone Law

To my brother whom I love so dearly I just can not put into words, I have watched you from a very young age & for most part as a little girl i’ve stood by in amazment, even as an adult I am still amazed at what you achieve, I will always be there for you through thick’n’thin as they say, I more than believe you, you already are a “dream to reality” your my dream to reality, I love you to bits brubs, keep up the good work sweetpea, it’s so so nearly there.
Love little Sis

7 10 2009
Peter Hartley


Whilst I know that you have had a “hard time”, please remember those of us who have NO FAMILY to follow on, after us.

Life can be a “Bitch”. I have no Spouse or Children to talk to, likewise no Parents or Siblings.

One in six families are not able to have children – I’ve been there, and i know the agony.

Count your Blessings … your Children !

What we do now is intended to make their lives better than ours.

So, make Mi something that counts – and we will all be happier.

Peter H

(P.S. Try Boney M’s version of “Rivers of Babylon”. My {late} Wife and I met and danced to that, and the folks cleared the dance floor for us. It was played as an Anthem at her funeral. Count your Blessings, NOT your problems. In less than 50 years, your problems will be forgotten – but your Blessings will live on.)

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