Charlie Mullins and Pimlico Plumbers Christmas Party – Royal Garden Hotel Saturday 12th December by Bradley Chapman

16 12 2009

Well if you are going to throw a xmas bash then you might as well do it in style! Charlie Mullins and the gang at Pimlico did just that on Saturday night.

I was kindly invited to attend the xmas party by Charlie. We have only met a few times but in that time we have struck a good relationship. The first time we met and I interviewed him for Raw Business Magazine he reduced me to tears with his wit and character. The second time I tried to steal his beloved Bentley – Oh I can still smell the leather! Of course I did not get the car instead he bought me a bacon sarny from his on site cafe at Pimlico HQ.

I won a Bentley at the Pimlico xmas Raffle

Three wise monkeys!

Rise of the Footsoldier meets The Bill

Who is the famous guy in the middle?

Chris I told you any time you wana go 10 rounds im your man!

On arrival at The Royal Garden Hotel we were welcomed with champagne and canapés. We met Charlie his lovely wife Linda and he beautiful family – how lucky you are Charlie.

Charlie introduced me and Mat to Chris Eubank, Craig Fairbrass, Billy Murray, Vanessa Feltz and a few other celebs a well 103 year old Buster who has made major press all over the country.

On the left is Charlies youngest son called Buster – You’ve been overworking him Charlie


Over 400 people we packed into the reception and the buzz was amazing. Charlie gave us ringside seats on the dance floor (of course I could not help strutting my stuff as usual). The entertainment was hosted by Les Bonson and we had some pretty amazing singers and cabaret acts throughout the night.

Our table was rocking and we soon discovered the party box on the table and started blowing balloons, popping party poppers and got the xmas razzle on. The food was awesome, the night was one I will remember for a long time to come and I feel so honoured that Charlie invited me.

The night eventually drew to a close around 4am and we continued to party in the reception area where I guess some continued on to 6am and beyond.

Charlie Mullins you’re the man!

Thank you from myself Matt Hickey and of course Matt Birch for photographing the event in such style.

Merry Xmas
Bradley Chapman
Founder Million Impossible and Raw Business Magazine




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