Raw Business Global Entrepreneur and Business Network Launches

24 03 2010

Hi everybody

I am pleased to announce that our new business networking website has now gone live. To register free please visit www.rawbusiness.com . My WordPress blog will remain live but all my new posts can now be found on the main raw Business website at “Bradley’s Blog”

Raw Business is an online business networking, face to face business events and business magazine publishing company. Many of you that have read articles on my blog will know that adversity is my middle name! I faced a very tough back-end to 2009 to the point where i very nearly gave up my dream of helping to increase UK business success rates.. financially it is very tough for me personally right now however i am pleased to announce that during january 2010 Raw Business received funding from Simon Dolan who is a success entrepreneur and business angel investor.. Our story was covered in the financial times a few weeks ago..

To find out more about our journey please visit www.rawbusiness.com where I continue to write and talk openly and honestly about the challenges that I have faced.

Thank you so much for your interest in our business and both Simon and myself look forward to seeing you register with us.

Best Wishes Bradley Chapman




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