David Gold interviewed by Bradley Chapman at Raw Business

3 08 2010

I met up with David Gold at his beautiful Surrey mansion spending the most wonderful and fascinating two hours of time interviewing and just talking to him. David Gold’s businesses are valued in the hundreds of million pounds bracket. I have interviewed many high profle entrepreneurs and do you know what, I love this man! I do not mean in the literate sense, I love him for his kind and open nature. Everyone I spoke to about David that knew him said that he is a lovely man and how right they are.

David Gold recently completed the sale of Sport Newspapers for £50 million,Gold Air for the same amount and sold Birmingham City FC for £82 million, a club that he purchased for a pound. Most recently he acquired a majority stake in West Ham United FC with his partner David Sullivan. At the age of 73 this great man shows no signs of slowing down.

So how do you go from being brought up in the East end of London, surrounded by abject poverty  with little or no money and for the most part, brought up in a single parent family to becoming not only a highly successful entrepreneur but more so, an entrepreneur who is loved by everyone around him?

I asked David a series of questions and his answers will show you that by using a mixture of courage, determination and a lit bit of luck that anyone can do it.  I interviewed David’s daughter Jacqueline Gold for our front cover feature of edition 11 and I am so proud to now have her father on the front cover.

Do you think that your challenged childhood had an impact on your desire to succeed in business?

It was so awful but at the time it is your life and you don’t know anything different. We had no TV no radio and no desire to be on a sunny beach with beautiful girls. We had no understanding of what was out there.  I used to go to bed in my clothes because it was so cold.  My life journey was fuelled by the abject …………

read the full interview here




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3 09 2010
Marios Loizou

Very inspiring guy and his success leads many of us to learning.

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