Simon Burns, Minister of State for Health and Chelmsford MP shows support for Raw Business

3 08 2010

In a statement to Raw Business from Mr Simon Burns, Minister of State for Health and Chelmsford MP has shown his support for Raw Business:

“As this country’s economic growth begins to improve, it is vital for businesses of all sizes to come together and offer support, guidance and advice. The shared experiences of one business can drastically change the fortunes of another. Business owners supporting each other, regardless of their market sector or rivalry, should become standard practice as there can only be gains to be had for all parties.

The services offered and the opportunities presented through companies like Raw Business can potentially be a vital lifeline for business and entrepreneurs alike.

With austerity measures being introduced in public sector funded projects such as Business Link, it is good to see that the private sector is ready and willing to come together in these tough times.”

Thank you for your support Simon. It is great to see that the Coalition Government supports the efforts of Raw Business to offer real help and support to business. – Register free now to connect your business with thousands of  entrepreneurs.




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