What would you say to the Prime Minister David Cameron if you met him?

18 12 2010

What would say if you had the opportunity to meet The Prime Minister, David Cameron? I mean meeting the prime minister is one thing but asking questions will hold great value for entrepreneurs across the UK is another thing entirely.

I had thought about the questions I would like to ask David Cameron. The first thing would to be to congratulate The Conservative Party and their Lib Dem allies for their success in taking office but then again the task ahead for the government is the toughest that any government might have faced for 100’s of years.

Are we really relying on UK and global Entrepreneurs to help with the challenging task of getting the economy back in great shape – YES!

Are entrepreneurs looking to the government for answers – YES

Can we all ask ourselves first, How can we help the economy – YES

Will we build a strong UK Entrepreneur nation – YES

My thoughts are simply this…. TEAM! Together everyone achieves more!

Let’s get networking, creating profitable joint ventures and look for skill swap opportunities to enhance our business success rates. Let us start with ourselves and then look to the government once we have gathered momentum.

If we as a collective of entrepreneurs are to build confidence by way of government support, we must first show them that we are capable of delivering innovation through hard work, sacrifice and determination, resulting in job creation and inter company trading.

None of us are alone, we are all fighting and we need to fight harder and work smarter now than ever before. If you have to work nights, then so be it. If you have to take less wages from your comapny to survive and succeed then so be it.

Network, increase your contacts, believe and amazing things will happen for us all.

Mr Prime Minister – Thank you but it’s time that we showed you that we are a worthwhile investment.

Welcome to a brand new day!

Best Wishes Bradley Chapman, The Team here at Raw Business, our members and entrepreneurs across the UK





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