We all need a little push at times

20 12 2010

Sometimes we all need a little push. No matter how self-motivated we claim to be.

It just goes to show that when you are motivated, wonderful and amazing things can and will happen to you. I would like to thank Mark Weeks for his kind words and for letting me know that my videos, blogs and motivation efforts are having a positive impact.I am so glad that the webcast helped you.

Please feel free to read Mark’s full article here

Thanks Mark

Regards Bradley Chapman


Sometimes we all need a little push. No matter how self-motivated we claim to be.

I got my ‘little push’ from Bradley’s podcast about seizing the day. And I vowed to make the most of this day and every day for that matter, untill I reach my goals.

So after a dreary morning onsite in the rain where my current contractor is refusing to take responsibility for their actions; no change there! I returned back to my office  more jaded than I had started the day, to say the least.

After an hour and several cups of coffee I remembered that this was my day, my opportunity to move forward and claim what was rightfully mine.

But then I started to slip into my comfort zone once more as I watched the Valentine Palmer Raw TV podcast on presentation skills; which is great by the way. I started thinking I’ll use these techniques tommorrow when I feel more with it.

Then I started to buzz once more like I had in the morning, I think the coffee had kicked in! Bradley’s voice echoed in my head, which can be quite infuriating when your nice and comfy; with a full list of excuses. Eventually I took to the phone. Taking a deep breath and following Valentine Palmers lessons; even though I was talking to prospects I had been chasing for months for work my attitude had changed slightly. After four calls I was rewarded!

Bradley Chapman - Raw Business TV




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