How to earn money from dating websites without laying out any income

6 07 2011

Dating websites have grown tremendously over the last few years. The online dating scene is booming so how can you start to earn extra income that can supplement the growth of your existing business?

Setting up a new dating web site could not be easier:-

Create your domain name
Set your site preferences
Add your logo
Draw upon some simple SEO techniques

And watch your money come in!

Here are some example websites for you to see for yourself just how easy it is. All websites are free to join and you have the option of upgrading later.

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5 07 2011

I have spent a lifetime creating, building and growing various businesses. I have been successful for a number of reasons and I believe a large portion of my success is down to perseverance, determination and courage.

Being successful in business is largely due to the decisions that you make. We all make mistakes of course, but it is the decisions you make and the actions you take that determine your success, we just have to make more good decisions than bad. When you make a bad decision, learn from it and be prepared next time. If you make a good decision giving your business a positive result, duplicate it and improve it.

Some decisions can be tough to make because they could have a negative financial impact on your business and it is said that procrastination is the thief of time. If it is a big decision then take your time and get a second opinion, running through the situation and scenario with someone whose judgment you trust. They cannot make the decision for you but hearing someone else’s point of view may help you to make the right decision or adjust your plans.

It takes great courage to make decisions in business and the reason it takes such resolve is that you have to live with them good and bad. I believe without a doubt that making decisions for your business makes you stronger, wiser and commercially astute.

Even as your business grows whether you are a manager or a business owner you will need to make decisions. I enjoy the fact that many of our employees have autonomy in their roles and this makes our companies such great places to work.

I took the decision recently to start my succession planning and it was a decision I knew that I had to make. Letting go of something that you have built is not easy and finding the right people that will run your businesses in the way that you have built them takes a great deal of trust and faith.

I wish you every success with your decision making process and remember there’s no such thing as a tough decision only tough people who make everyday decisions.

Best Wishes

David Gold


5 07 2011

The idea that the private sector must grow, and grow fast and, by doing so, bail the country out of its current economic woes, seems to have become de facto recession busting policy. The idea is that this growth will not only create wealth but also save us from 1980s unemployment levels, as thousands of civil servants are decommissioned to cut costs. In theory this strategy sounds plausible.

So why don’t we get on with the hiring and get the recovery on the road? I’ll tell you why: it’s because when I hire someone I’m obliged after a couple of months to give them an employment contract. The problem being that once said contract is in place getting rid of them (should they not make the grade) without facing a hefty employment tribunal claim, is practically impossible.

One of the reasons why the public sector has become so ungainly and inefficient in the first place is because for years it has been allowed to hire endlessly without ever jettisoning those who weren’t up to snuff. Thankfully the government is attempting to sort this situation out, so surely it would make good sense not to allow it to develop in private industry?

That’s why I think two years is a much more reasonable length of time for someone to be in a job before they must be offered a contract by right. I’m not saying that should be the case all the time, but offering a contract, complete with all the benefits that go with it should be the choice of the company paying the wages. In short we need far more freedom to be able to fire people who are unable to carry out their jobs to a satisfactory standard.

Now I’ve got that off my chest I’d like to add that if we can radically reform employment law along these lines, so that things aren’t so heavily stacked against the employer, many more, not less, people would end up in work.

The reason being by removing the potential hazards (and costs due to the potential of losing tribunal cases) of getting an employment decision wrong would be far less. And what’s more, the slackers, and everyone’s had a few on their books over the years, who toe the line for a few months, but once over their probation period, become disruptive and work-shy, would surely become extinct. Now there’s an environment where we might have a much better chance of tackling the recession.

Charlie Mullins

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

5 07 2011

With the UK economy in full re-build, it will be the entrepreneurs, who create jobs, through innovation and by putting their ideas into action. Being an entrepreneur or business owner is not an easy thing to do and with so many new business startups perhaps more than ever before, you have to ask yourself one question:-

Am I ready?
Being an entrepreneur requires a passion, determination and courage that few people actually realise. You will experience the highest of highs coupled with the lowest of lows. At times, your mind and resolve will be tested to the limits and only when you face real adversity will you know whether you truly are entrepreneurial.

Entrepreneurial Leaders

Entrepreneurs are natural leaders that inspire and innovate through ideas and creation. An entrepreneur must accept and realise that he is not skilled in every aspect of business and day-to-day operations. The skill is knowing when and where to seek help and how to use it and in what quantities. Always stand up and be counted even when things go wrong. When your ideas work, ride them, when they do not, evaluate and reapply.
Your idea
If you are starting a business then you must test-drive your idea. Do not keep it to yourself, as you are not re-inventing the wheel. Put your idea out there, as that is the only way to know if it is going to work. Use your friends and family to test drive your idea but also use people who do not know you, as they will answer honestly without emotion. Above all, listen to them, as they could be your future customers.


Do you have adequate finance to get your business where you need it to be? If you do not then you have two choices: – either wait until you have secured enough money to fund the business or start it knowing that you will require investment at a later stage. Some investors prefer to see something tangible, live and working. Be careful and choose wisely.

Employing people

During my career, I have employed thousands of staff. I have learned only recently at a great cost that you must employ the best person that you can and if that means you have some kind of profit share then do it. Getting employment wrong, can cost you time, money, grow and can have a negative impact on your business. When I met and interviewed David recently he reinforced that to me.

Business planning

Your business will change as soon as you create it. A business pan rarely goes according to plan. Keeping an eye on costs is key and reviewing your monthly costs is essential if you are to survive.
Always look at your three month cost base and if you are not making money then ensure that you either decrease costs, increase sales or your GP to stay above water. Always remember that if your business makes 10% net profit after all expenses then for every £10,000 in turnover you achieve you earn £1000. Every £1000 that you spend requires you to turnover another £10,000 just to make it back.

Time and resources

Entrepreneurs work long hours and often take home less money than they were paid by the jobs they enjoyed prior to starting in business. I would advise that you have a second income while you build your business. The less you draw from the business, the stronger it will be in the long term. Your resources are everything and the contacts that you make will help you grow your business. Business networking is an essential tool for any business owner and there are many business-networking opportunities for you to explore.

Business Networking

Business networking is a vital tool for your business. Get out and join as many business networks as you can. Entrepreneur networking will help you make new contacts that you can later use to your advantage. Raw Business online offers free online business networking. Every registered member also receives a copy of Raw Business Magazine each month. Join as many networks as you can and make as many new contacts as you can.

Regards Bradley Chapman

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