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Welcome to the Business Articles “White Paper” section of our entrepreneur networking and business support website. This is a brand new section to Raw Business online and can be used by registered members. Business Articles can be added once you are logged in via your member profile page. We would like all our members to consider writing at least one article but the number that you write is unlimited. we hope that this resource will grow to become a leading source for businesses that use Google to find related business information.

Bradley Chapman may call you directly if he feels that you have written an informative and high value content article and may ask you to write for Raw Business Magazine. The beauty about business networking is that you never actually know what is around the corner – You have to be on the pitch to play the game, welcome to the pitch!

Can anyone write an article? All registered members of Raw Business online can submit an article. If you are not yet registered, it is free to join us and we are quickly becoming the UK’s leading entrepreneur and business networking support website and business magazine – Join us today and make a difference.

How do I write an article? You write about your field of expertise of knowledge of any given subject, service or product that a business may require now or in the future. Write about 500 – 700 words, although not limited and submit for our consideration.

Do I include my company details or a bio about myself in the article? No you write the article as a third person and you automatically have a link to your member profile which interested parties can visit after reading the article. Any person who write about himself or their respective business in the context of the article will not be approved for submission.

Is it important to have a fully completed member image and profile? Yes as members will click through and view your profile after reading your article and if it is not complete you may lose a new contact opportunity. if you need help completing your profile call 0845 468 5000 and ask to speak to one of our membership advisor’s.

Can my article be forwarded to other social media and bookmarking web sites? Yes, we have over 100 share websites that your article can be submitted to. Other members can also share an article on your behalf.

Do I have to be an expert in any field to write an article? No, we all have knowledge about various subjects which we gain through life’s experiences. Write about your own knowledge and experiences that yo feel will help other entrepreneurs and business owners. It may be advice about how to do something or how not to do something. You can write about anything from company formation to will writing – Everything we could need advice and support on for our business journey!

“If you like what we do then tell your friends about us, if you do not like what we do then tell us and we will change it”

100+ Business Articles, helping you to move your business forward


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