Bradley Chapman speaking at the Pre Conference Event for Kent 2020 Show

17 03 2011

It is my great pleasure to announce that I will be speaking at the pre conference event for the Kent 2020 show in Kent, 29th March, on how to maximise your potential at trade shows. The event is going to be a blast and I am so wired at the moment that this session is going to raise the roof. Please find the details below and if you could attend, the Team at Best Business Events and myself would be pleased to see you there – If you would like to register at Raw Business please visit

Kent 2020 – Pre-Conference Event 29/03/2011 08:30

REGISTER NOW- Registration is free for this event


Join in the largest networking event in the county where you will hear from a top business speaker on maximising the opportunities of Kent 2020. You will have yet another opportunity of meeting up with exhibitors along with registered delegates. A golden opportunity of promoting your business to hundreds.

FREE and exclusively for all registered delegates and exhibitors at Kent 2020 ‘11

Business Networking and Motivation
It will change your life

Maximise the opportunities of Kent 2020 using the power of business networking. A golden opportunity of promoting your business to hundreds – the largest networking event in the South East.

Presented by Bradley Chapman

Bradley Chapman Thumbnail Bradley is engaging, passionate, insightful and a humorous speaker who brings businesses together with one goal in mind – to make them all successful at business. 

He has over 20 years of business, business management and entrepreneurial business experience trading both in the UK and internationally for clients including Walt Disney, Wembley Stadium and Coca Cola.

If I knew what I know now about the power of business networking I would have started years ago. I never dreamed that I would meet people like David and Jacqueline Gold, Charlie Mullins and Richard Fraleigh. The contacts that I now have means that I know just about everybody for everything. Everybody should network – it is now the essential business survival tool.

‘Bradley has great and personal insight into business and a wealth of anecdotes having interviewed many of our top business leaders’
Phil Hall, MD PHA Media
Former Editor of The News of the World


Just some of what Bradley will cover 

• Belief is everything – How’s your Marmite?
• Moving out of your comfort zones to discover the new you
• What will networking do for your business?
• Finding the motivation from within
• The one penny motivation answer

Event Type: Kent Event
When: 29/03/2011 08:30 to 10:30
Register: 29/03/2011 08:00
Venue: Ramada Maidstone
Cost: No charge

Bradley Chapman is the founder of – The Entrepreneur Network



18 12 2010


Morning Raw TV guest speaker members and BCC copies

Please consider if either yourself or one of your clients could benefit from this TV exposure opportunity. We need to move quickly on this as filming is imminent. Location is not a problem. We are sending a mass email within the hour so you all have a head start to put your suggestions forward. Ideally we are looking for a manufacturing company.

Act quickly please Raw Members – email me on or call me on 0845 468 5000

Bradley I’m a reporter at Bloomberg Television here in London. I’d like to reach out to businesses who would be willing to participate in a TV report I want to film this week or Monday next.Recent research from Deloitte shows that 90% of UK firms expect revenues to increase next year, but that they’ll put that cash to work here in the UK before expansion in Europe or any of the high-growth emerging economies like India or China. This obviously fits with the governments plans too.Bloomberg TV is international and I’m keen to find a UK company that HAS considered expanding into emerging markets or even has some operations in Europe or further afield in addition to UK ops.I’d arrange to come and do a bit of filming of the business and record a short interview with a company representative. It can be done in less than 2 hours. If you distribute my email, I’m happy for anyone to contact me at this email address or on the number below and I look forward to speaking to you tomorrow to get more thoughts from you on the subject.

Bradley Chapman delivers – Seizing the Day – Motivational webcast

11 12 2010

Bradley Chapman - Entrepreneur

Good morning everybody

I felt totally compelled to record a live webcast this morning as i feel so alive with enthusiasm and energy. I wanted to share my thoughts with you on how you can seize the day. I love being an entrepreneur and more importantly i love helping business owners grow and develop their businesses.

If you do one thing today before you start work or you need extra motivation during your day then watch this webcast and i guarantee it will inspire you and help you deliver amazing results today.

Wake up and Seize the Day – with Bradley Chapman

You can view the video in the viewer below but i strongly recommend you click the link and watch it in the full video platform, which displays the powerpoint presentation slides.

View the full webcast platform here

Will you consider Donating to help me to help UK Entrepreneurs?

10 05 2009

My Name is Bradley Chapman. I consider myself an passionate and driven Entrepreneur. If you have taken the time to read through my personal blog and either visited or perhaps joined my Entrepreneur Networking Website, then you will understand and perhaps feel and associate with my struggle to grow a business that helps increase the chances of success in UK business start ups as well as preserving the sometimes lifetime efforts of business owners and Entrepreneurs.

I have achieved what have to date with limited financial resources and some very kind friends and supporters and now require further assistance by way of donation to help me continue my journey. There are so many just causes that deserve donations and I am by no way as important the RSPCC, RNIB and Cancer Research to name but a very few, however, If businesses are to survive and prosper and have somewhere to turn in their darkest hour that is both open and honest, then i truly believe with your continued support, that we could achieve it.

Even a donation of one pound will help me to move my plans for Million Impossible and Entrepreneur School forward but if you would like to donate more then I can assure that it will go towards helping somebody to do something that they had not previously thought was possible.

Click on the link below to go through to my PayPal account and help me move Million Impossible forward in becoming the UK’s leading “Overcoming Adversity” Business Networking Website.

To read more about Entrepreneur School Click Here.
To read more about Million Impossible Click Here.
To register Free and join Million Impossible Click Here.
To read the latest editions of Raw Business Magazine for Entrepreneurs Click Here.
To read my latest editorial piece for Raw Business Mag Click Here.

To see my speech at the British Library Click Here.

I am not proud to ask ask for donations, in fact it was a suggestion from a wealthy mentor who is unknown to me and goes by the nom de plume of “Mr C”. I have taken his advice and hope that if you have experienced the journey toward becoming a successful Entrepreneur,then you will know the pains involved and how your mind body and soul is tested to the absolute limits each and every day.

I believe that I have the resolve to overcome my fears and face my adversity head on but i am also man enough to say at this juncture that I cannot do it alone.

For all Entrepreneurs, Never give in trying to reach your dreams and above all consider all the risks that you will take and what you may have to give up as you try to touch the stars.

Your Help will not be forgotten

With Warmest Wishes
Bradley Chapman
Million Impossible – The Entrepreneur Network
Bradley Chapman – My personal Web site

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More Videos About Million Impossible

Raw Entrepreneur Magazine Goes to Print!

16 04 2009

Hi everybody

It has seemed like a lifetime to us moving from our previous digital Raw Magazine Editions into a fully printed glossy A4 printed version for edition 6.. Well myself and Scott are both pleased, humbled and honoured at the same time to deliver our best edition yet featuring an exclusive interview with the UK’s highest profile PR agent Mr Max Clifford!

Read Raw Mag 6 Here

I have worked with Scott for over 6 years and during that time our relationship has moved both forward and backwards at the same time. It takes a very long time to build a working relationship with a business partner and it takes and even longer time to be able to respect and understand each others strengths and weaknesses. If you can work together as a team and share a common vision or goal then of course anything might be possible. We have worked on our differences and we seem to be moving into a new respect zone.

We had some launch shots taken last week to celebrate the Raw Entrepreneur Magazine edition 6 in print and at first they started really seriously and before we knew it we started to feel almost as if we were famous for a minute!

This is the first image that we took and as you can see we looked like a pair of serious plonkers.

What a pair of plonkers!

What a pair of plonkers!

This is the second Image and as you can tell we have warmed up a little and starting to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

feeling more comfotable with the camera

feeling more comfortable with the camera

This is about the sixth shot that we took and we are starting to get in the mood feeling like we might just make it as Entrepreneurs…

Oh yes now we are kicking back and playing for the camera

Oh yes now we are kicking back and playing for the camera

Oh yes lets get our teeth stuck into this whole photo shoot. feel it see it taste it!

Bradley Chapman and Scott English show their teeth

Bradley Chapman and Scott English show their teeth

OK then it think its time to really let rip… “Shall we pull our pants down together Scott” – “But Brad i am not wearing any”, “OK then Scott looks like it just me, but if i pull my pants down everyone will who i really am!” , Brad don’t worry this is Raw Entrepreneur Magazine – A magazine for Entrepreneurs who can be honest with who they really are”, “OK then Scott but our whole world will change if i do it…… Here go”.

Damm Damm  i really did not want everyone to know who i really am!

Damm Damm i really did not want everyone to know who i really am!

Entrepreneurs Who Hit Crisis Point – The British Library

14 11 2008

I have been very kindly invited by Rachel Elnaugh to become part of a four man panel of Entrepreneurs for an event being held at The British Library in January 2009. The theme of the event is “Entrepreneurs who hit crisis point”.

I am proud and honoured to be invited by Rachel to be a part of her team and more so that the event is being held at The British Library. The library is not only a London Architectural Icon but also offers amazing services that Entrepreneurs and small business can use to help them grow their businesses. The finer details of the show are yet to be announced and will appear on the library’s events calendar shortly.

I have been through immense challenges in my life in trying to achieve success and just as quickly as I thought that I had arrived at the doors of success, the carpet has been pulled from under my feet.

Bradley Chapman - Can you overcome any Adversity?

Bradley Chapman - Can you overcome any Adversity?

I can only blame so much of my costly business mistakes on global financial climates, greedy UK banks and other factors that were outside of my control. The main reason for making mistakes was in not having the necessary knowledge, skill or resources to establish the right path to take as well as receiving suitable advice as to the perils and pitfalls of taking any action and making decisions.

At 38 years of age I guess I am more experienced in how not to things as opposed to how to do things. We all have to make mistakes in order to learn the right way to do something but at what costs to yourself personally and or your business venture are acceptable before your reach crisis.

I am pleased to be a part of the event and very much look forward to the day and if I can offer any advice based on my extensive experience which helps Entrepreneurs and small business grow safely then it will justify some of the mistakes that I have made.

On a positive note our latest venture Million Impossible – Entrepreneur network is approaching its 1st birthday and I am very pleased with the journey thus far, however, it has not been built without facing many new and old challenges. We have a long way to go in order to make this business a success.

I am working with some very talented and driven individuals now and I am both encouraged and proud to know that others are now sharing my dream and vision and making it their dream and vision.

Million Impossible on line Entrepreneur Network and Raw Entrepreneur Magazine has been created for Entrepreneurs who can be honest about the challenges that we all face during our business lives but more importantly share those experiences with other Entrepreneurs, so that, as a group of like minded Entrepreneurs we can help prevent our peers from making the same mistakes.

Registration for Million Impossible’s Entrepreneur Network is free for joining members with and upgrade option for full members. I will update you as soon as the event is listed on The British Library website.

Kind Regards
Bradley Chapman

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Entrepreneur Business School – Time for Change!

7 11 2008

Entrepreneur Business School

With so many Entrepreneurs businesses failing through lack of knowledge and real scenario experience, it is time to help increase their chances of success by creating a school for entrepreneurs.

Million Impossible was created with the intention of helping UK businesses by using an online network where Entrepreneurs would help each other in specific relation to their key business skills and industry experience.

The network has come a long way in the last 12 months and I feel that it is now time for a major change in educating aspiring and experienced Entrepreneurs so that we can increase their chances of business success.

My vision is to create an Entrepreneur School run by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs teaching their real life experiences. The school would allow Entrepreneurs to go through a business programme that covers everything from incorporation of their company to intellectual proprietary rights through to sales marketing and accounts and taxation.

I have not broken down in detail yet how many days will be required to deliver the course but I feel that it should be delivered in three phases.

PHASE ONE – Startup Businesses

PHASE TWO – Established Business

PHASE THREE – Strategic Business Growth

Each business section would be delivered by an Entrepreneur who has relevant business experience in each particular field. This would add a real dimension to the school not seen before.

I would like to see an Entrepreneur School in every county of the UK. We have not yet announced the name that will be moving forward with yet so stayed tuned for an announcement.

If we could get enough successful and experienced Entrepreneurs and varied businesses signed up to the scheme from each county then we could push for Government and Local funding to support the School.

The student Entrepreneurs could also join a company in a similar arena to their business idea after the course and enter a real time scenario giving the aspiring Entrepreneur a reality and sense check on their business plan.

I will update you with a more detailed plan shortly.


Bradley Chapman

Million Impossible – The Honest Entrepreneur Network
Raw Magazine – Only Honest Entrepreneurs Need Apply

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