5 07 2011

The idea that the private sector must grow, and grow fast and, by doing so, bail the country out of its current economic woes, seems to have become de facto recession busting policy. The idea is that this growth will not only create wealth but also save us from 1980s unemployment levels, as thousands of civil servants are decommissioned to cut costs. In theory this strategy sounds plausible.

So why don’t we get on with the hiring and get the recovery on the road? I’ll tell you why: it’s because when I hire someone I’m obliged after a couple of months to give them an employment contract. The problem being that once said contract is in place getting rid of them (should they not make the grade) without facing a hefty employment tribunal claim, is practically impossible.

One of the reasons why the public sector has become so ungainly and inefficient in the first place is because for years it has been allowed to hire endlessly without ever jettisoning those who weren’t up to snuff. Thankfully the government is attempting to sort this situation out, so surely it would make good sense not to allow it to develop in private industry?

That’s why I think two years is a much more reasonable length of time for someone to be in a job before they must be offered a contract by right. I’m not saying that should be the case all the time, but offering a contract, complete with all the benefits that go with it should be the choice of the company paying the wages. In short we need far more freedom to be able to fire people who are unable to carry out their jobs to a satisfactory standard.

Now I’ve got that off my chest I’d like to add that if we can radically reform employment law along these lines, so that things aren’t so heavily stacked against the employer, many more, not less, people would end up in work.

The reason being by removing the potential hazards (and costs due to the potential of losing tribunal cases) of getting an employment decision wrong would be far less. And what’s more, the slackers, and everyone’s had a few on their books over the years, who toe the line for a few months, but once over their probation period, become disruptive and work-shy, would surely become extinct. Now there’s an environment where we might have a much better chance of tackling the recession.

Charlie Mullins




Chelmsford Business Networking Club Launches

13 05 2011

Event Title: Finding the Motivation Within

Speaker and Host: Bradley Chapman

Location: The Blue Bridge Restaurant – Writtle Chelmsford
Time: Breakfast Meetings 7.30am, Lunch Meetings 12.30pm
Duration 2.5 Hours


Learn about how to find the motivation and strength  NEEDED to GROW, SURVIVE and SUCCEED in business using positive motivation”.

In association with the Blue Group of restaurants and bars we have secured a high quality prestigious restaurant venue to launch the Monday Business Club hosted by myself and special guest speakers. We are running two events per month on Mondays – One breakfast and one lunch meeting, with further plans to launch evening business dinner events.

Would you like to feel motivated and inspired to be able to bring a positive impact to your business and move forward to success?

Have you ever felt that you have reached a stumbling block or obstacle to move your business forward?

As an entrepreneur have you ever felt like you are the only one who knows what you want to achieve?

If you do then this event is a must attend for you

Not only that I will teach you to:

Find the motivation that you did not know you had!
Take action and bring about positive change!
Find the confidence to do new things!
Let go of your inhibitions and set yourself free!

During the event you will:

Network with other like minded local business owners
Gain referrals and meet valuable business contact contacts
Make new friends
Discuss your business in a relaxed business networking atmosphere
Speed network to get your energy buzzing

After the event you will:
Leave with belly full of wonderful cooked breakfast or amazing lunch and start your week inspired and refreshed and ready to take your business to new heights

Don’t take my word for it – See me in action as the Key Speaker at thje Kent 2020 show – Bradley Chapman Live and Unleashed

The Agenda for the Event

7.30am – Registration and Meet & Greet Event Attendees
7.45am – Welcome from Event Host: Bradley Chapman
8.00am – Full English Breakfast
8.20pm –Speed Networking
8.45pm –Speaker: Bradley Chapman
9.30pm – Session Close

I look forward to seeing you at the event and enjoying an ealry morning business networking breakfast with you. I guarantee that you will leave inspired and motivated..

About Bradley Chapman

Bradley Chapman believes that “Everything is Possible” if you have the right mindset and motivation to support your dream, goals and vision. He has faced and overcome major adversity in both his personal life and the various businesses that he has owned, managed and built during his career. He believes that everyday people can achieve extraordinary things.

Bradley Chapman has over 20 years of business, business management and entrepreneurial experience. He has traded both in the UK and internationally for clients including Walt Disney, Wembley Stadium, Coca Cola, pop and rock groups including Oasis and The Spice Girls as well as supplying promotional products for major TV campaigns and leading UK brands.

Over the years Bradley has owned various businesses including an import and export business, retails shops, fast food catering businesses, clothing mail order, textiles manufacturing, wholesale and retail businesses and most recently Raw Business – The Entrepreneur Network including Business Networking and a Business Magazine called Raw Business Magazine. Bradley has interviewed and worked with some of the UK’s highest profile entrepreneurs.

Bradley has spoken at many events, both hosted by Raw and as a guest speaker for other organisations. Bradley’s first major speaking event as MD of Raw business was as a personal guest of Rachel Elnaugh at the British Library in Jan 2009. Bradley was speaking to 200 + Entrepreneurs about how people shouldn’t let others tell them they can’t do something. This was part of an Inspiring Entrepreneurs event titled “Business Nightmares”.

Bradley Chapman BIO

Contact Details:

Bradley 07775 877018

Email: me@bradleychapman.com

Raw Business – The Entrepreneur Network

If you are not a member of Raw Business then register online today absolutely free of charge to use our free networking website www.rawbusiness.com

Bradley Chapman – Online exclusive Business Coaching and Business Mentor Service

Sign up to my online personal mentoring service by clicking on the link below and become one of my exclusive subscribers. Monthly subscription is £25 – Find out how I can help you. Click the link below


About our Attending Event Sponsors

Dyslexia Coaching – Come and see Gillian Woon of Dyslexia Coaching on her stand. Gillian has been a Raw Business member and supporter for over 3 years. Not only is Gillian a top quality business coach and dyslexia coach, she is also the author of the book “Inspiration: A Users Guide”, which can be purchased from Gillian’s stand at the event

Magnetic – Come and see Ray Padfield-Krala owner of Magnetic Ecology Ltd. Ray manufactures and sells his own brand of pain relief. Magnetic Therapy is recognised as a non-evasive natural therapy. It is not new and the ancient Egyptians and Greeks are known to have used magnetic therapy thousands of years ago. The Chinese and Japanese have used magnetic therapy again for thousands of years and even now magnets are used in hospitals and clinics.

Other Event Sponsors

Philip Martindale – Philip is the owner of Alcander . Alcander, based in South-East London, take a holistic approach to marketing its clients websites so they are not only made more visible on the search engines, but will also attract more click-throughs. We will remove any obstacles likely to get in the way of a site’s ability to engage with its viewer. Ultimately, you will get more customers reaching for the phone, completing your enquiry form or emailing you.

Peter Green – Peter is the owner of Performance for Growth . Performance for Growth is an independent UK management training and leadership development company based in Berkshire. Our small size enables us to provide excellent value for money and the reassurance that the people you meet will be the ones you or your team will be working with. We prioritise each client’s individual needs and will ensure we understand and take into account the specific details that matter to you

Venue Hosts

The Blue Group of Bars Restaurants and Night Clubs

The Blue Bridge Restaurant

Business Networking and Motivation – It will change your life?

23 02 2011

It is my great pleasure to be speaking at this weeks Best for Business event in Kent. I love inspiring people and I am going to raise the roof on this one leaving all the attendees with a feeling of “I can do anything” when I come off of the stage. www.rawbusiness.com

Title: Business Networking and Motivation – It will change your life?
Presentation Time 40 minutes


1. Who is Bradley Chapman?
2. Belief is everything – Hows your Marmite?
3. Moving out of your comfort zones to discover the new you
4. What will networking do for your business?
5. Finding the motivation from within
6. The one penny motivation answer
7. Q+A


Kent Business Networking Forum – Membership is FREE


• EXHIBIT FREE your goods and services – bring your stand, leaflets, pull-ups etc, no space restriction
• Network – Meet a minimum of 70 NEW BUSINESS CONTACTS
• Guest Speaker BRADLEY CHAPMAN who is determined and passionate with his unique style of motivating and inspiring businesses to prosper – not to be missed
• Plus from 10.45 am – 11.45 am FREE OPTIONAL SESSION on ‘How to spend less on Marketing’
The more business people you meet the more successful you can make your business, so maximise on every opportunity and be part of the Kent Business Networking Forum (Membership is FREE).

From the moment you arrive until the time you leave, you will be meeting new business contacts and with a little help from us you will be amazed at how successful you can be.

• A great way to meet new leads, clients and customers
• Provide opportunities to promote your services/products
• Enable you to meet owners/decision makers from many businesses
• Allow you to share and gain knowledge, expertise and contacts
• Opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with others


Genuine offer for anyone who employs staff but time is running out. Stay on for our marketing session and it is very likely that you are eligible to attend at no cost to yourself a fully funded half-day Executive Masterclass on how to improve your marketing but spend less money.

On this intensive Executive Masterclass we only book on four attendees so you will receive maximum attention tailored to your business. This is really a unique opportunity to vastly improve your marketing.

Don’t miss out, book your places NOW


“Bradley is engaging, passionate, insightful and a humorous speaker. He has great and personal insight into business and wealth of anecdotes having interviewed many of our top businesses leaders”
Phil Hall – MD PHA Media, Former Editor of The News of The World

“Motivation plays an important part in any business owners career and if you are struggling to find yours, hear Bradley and he will fill you with energy that you can turn into bolts of lighting to positively impact your business”
Charlie Mullins -MD Pimlico Plumbers, Prince’s Trust, Enterprise Fellow

Guest Speaker: Bradley Chapman

Bradley Chapman believes that “Everything is Possible” if you have the right mindset and motivation to support your dream, goals and vision. He has faced and overcome major adversity in both his personal life and the various businesses that he has owned, managed and built during his career. He believes that everyday people can achieve extraordinary things.

We all need a little push at times

20 12 2010

Sometimes we all need a little push. No matter how self-motivated we claim to be.

It just goes to show that when you are motivated, wonderful and amazing things can and will happen to you. I would like to thank Mark Weeks for his kind words and for letting me know that my videos, blogs and motivation efforts are having a positive impact.I am so glad that the webcast helped you.

Please feel free to read Mark’s full article here

Thanks Mark

Regards Bradley Chapman


Sometimes we all need a little push. No matter how self-motivated we claim to be.

I got my ‘little push’ from Bradley’s podcast about seizing the day. And I vowed to make the most of this day and every day for that matter, untill I reach my goals.

So after a dreary morning onsite in the rain where my current contractor is refusing to take responsibility for their actions; no change there! I returned back to my office  more jaded than I had started the day, to say the least.

After an hour and several cups of coffee I remembered that this was my day, my opportunity to move forward and claim what was rightfully mine.

But then I started to slip into my comfort zone once more as I watched the Valentine Palmer Raw TV podcast on presentation skills; which is great by the way. I started thinking I’ll use these techniques tommorrow when I feel more with it.

Then I started to buzz once more like I had in the morning, I think the coffee had kicked in! Bradley’s voice echoed in my head, which can be quite infuriating when your nice and comfy; with a full list of excuses. Eventually I took to the phone. Taking a deep breath and following Valentine Palmers lessons; even though I was talking to prospects I had been chasing for months for work my attitude had changed slightly. After four calls I was rewarded!

Bradley Chapman - Raw Business TV

What would you say to the Prime Minister David Cameron if you met him?

18 12 2010

What would say if you had the opportunity to meet The Prime Minister, David Cameron? I mean meeting the prime minister is one thing but asking questions will hold great value for entrepreneurs across the UK is another thing entirely.

I had thought about the questions I would like to ask David Cameron. The first thing would to be to congratulate The Conservative Party and their Lib Dem allies for their success in taking office but then again the task ahead for the government is the toughest that any government might have faced for 100’s of years.

Are we really relying on UK and global Entrepreneurs to help with the challenging task of getting the economy back in great shape – YES!

Are entrepreneurs looking to the government for answers – YES

Can we all ask ourselves first, How can we help the economy – YES

Will we build a strong UK Entrepreneur nation – YES

My thoughts are simply this…. TEAM! Together everyone achieves more!

Let’s get networking, creating profitable joint ventures and look for skill swap opportunities to enhance our business success rates. Let us start with ourselves and then look to the government once we have gathered momentum.

If we as a collective of entrepreneurs are to build confidence by way of government support, we must first show them that we are capable of delivering innovation through hard work, sacrifice and determination, resulting in job creation and inter company trading.

None of us are alone, we are all fighting and we need to fight harder and work smarter now than ever before. If you have to work nights, then so be it. If you have to take less wages from your comapny to survive and succeed then so be it.

Network, increase your contacts, believe and amazing things will happen for us all.

Mr Prime Minister – Thank you but it’s time that we showed you that we are a worthwhile investment.

Welcome to a brand new day!

Best Wishes Bradley Chapman, The Team here at Raw Business, our members and entrepreneurs across the UK


Bradley Chapman – An Entrepreneur’s Journey

3 06 2010

Hello everybody

Bradley Chapman – Am I a fool or should I keep going?

Do you know what, I just do not know. In fact and to be completely honest with you, I am completely lost at the moment in both my business and personal lives. My vision has come at such a great cost not only to me but my family, my children and it has affected the ones who love me and I am just not being fair to them all.

My health is suffering as a result of my drive to make a success of what I’m doing at Raw Business, my partner has been put through hell and my kids need me to be there for  them not dead to the world, exhausted and no energy at weekends – when is should be vibrant, alive and loving life..

On a good day I am one of the most highly motivated and inspirational people I know and on a bad day, my heart misses beats, my stomach sinks and my head just feels numb.  In terms of motivation just ask the 150 people who queued to see me recently at our recent trade show at London Excel – I blew them away! You only have to ask my parents or my loving partner Emma to realise just how destructive I can be when I’m not Mr Motivator.

I have worked tirelessly all of my adult life and it has been filled with highs and lows but turning 40 last week has made me realise that I have to change now if am to be success healthy, a good father and husband – so why am I not doing it you ask?

I am afraid, scared and a little jumbled up inside and I don’t know whether I need a good business coach, a therapist both or just simply need putting down. I know that I can work miracles but after the twists and turns in my life, I guess my tank is just empty – of course that is an excuse, truthfully I am scared.

So much has happened over the last few months so, where do i start. There just does not seem to be enough hours in the day to run the business, which at best is a beast, let alone communicate my raw open and honest thoughts to you all – which I said I would always do.

Do I talk about the challenges that like many of you, I have faced over the last 3 years in building a business network for entrepreneurs in the hope that you will not only be able to associate with me but also act to help bring positive change that will potentially increase business success rates in the UK or do I talk about happy clappy stuff that really does not help grass-roots business owners?

It has to be Raw open and honest and if it helps you then it helps me.
When I first thought about launching an entrepreneur network I came up with Million Impossible, which was my first attempt at creating a web site that would enable business owners and entrepreneurs not only to build their businesses through networking and building contacts but also and more importantly help you see the wider picture.

As many of you know, I secured investment in January 2010 from Simon Dolan, a successful businessman that has spent 20 years building a business from a tenner to a current and personal value of around £65 million pounds. Together we launched Raw Business in January 2010. The brand now combines our magazine, online networking website and face to face events.

So what is the wider picture – How do we embrace opportunity?

To me it is about looking at every call, every email that comes in and every person that you meet or are introduced to as an opportunity – YES OPPORTUNITY!

Too many of us dismiss very quickly these opportunities because we either do not have the time or quite simply we look at the skin and not what could be inside the opportunity, in other words we judge people or situations too quickly. Just because somebody is different does not mean that they do not have some to say or do that represents an opportunity to us.

Explore these opportunities as you never actually know what’s behind the door unless you open it. Open doors meet people and talk to them with absolutely no preconceived ideas of what the outcome might be and I guarantee that positive opportunities will emerge.

I have learned so much about people in the last few years and I know this – Everyone one of them has a nugget to offer, you just have to pan for it to find it. I am also string enough to admit that I am missing out on opportunities every day by not being the 100% that I can be – are you?

Being in business is so glamorous – Just look at the guys on Dragons Den

This is quite simply not true. Being is business is one of the hardest things to do successfully and that is why 80% fail within 5 years of startup. We all love to see and hear about success stories and I should know more than most. I have the great pleasure to interview very successful entrepreneurs such as Charlie Mullins, Caprice Bourret, Jacqueline Gold, Duncan Bannatyne, Rachel Elnaugh and fairly unknown entrepreneurs such as John Griffin who owns Addison Lee and he has a business worth £180 million pounds.

Unless you are prepared to roll up your sleeves, work night and day and at time with no pay, then forget going into business because it takes a number of key personal skills to be able to do it successfully.  I consider myself experienced in business across many sectors, and I still cannot get it right.

If you are going into business then before you do consider this – it may cost you everything including money, love and family and let’s not forget – your heart mind and soul!

If you can get it right, you have a strong business model and you can make solid profits, then you will lead a life of high-octane, fun-filled positively charged days. Before you start-up your business and perhaps fail double-check everything. Call me I’ll give my advice for free and if I cannot help then I am certain that I can find someone who can and remember that none of us know everything but together we do!

I have worked day and night tirelessly for the last 3 years, and I just do not seem to be at the place that I thought I would be right now.

So what do I need to adjust to bring positive change in my life?

Seek help is the first thing and by opening up to someone they might just be able to untangle the person who is Bradley Chapman.  Will I be strong enough to admit the things that I must change and will they will they be a strong enough person to deal with all the shit that I’ve experienced in my life and coach me to move forward? Mr Leeper, it’s about time so can you help this guy called Bradley Chapman to become the person he wants to be.

Follow me on Raw Business on my personal blog

Thank you all for reading my entry and I apologise it is not the normal me. We can’t be superstars all the time I guess.

Lots of love – Bradley Chapman

Raw Business Global Entrepreneur and Business Network Launches

24 03 2010

Hi everybody

I am pleased to announce that our new business networking website has now gone live. To register free please visit www.rawbusiness.com . My WordPress blog will remain live but all my new posts can now be found on the main raw Business website at “Bradley’s Blog”

Raw Business is an online business networking, face to face business events and business magazine publishing company. Many of you that have read articles on my blog will know that adversity is my middle name! I faced a very tough back-end to 2009 to the point where i very nearly gave up my dream of helping to increase UK business success rates.. financially it is very tough for me personally right now however i am pleased to announce that during january 2010 Raw Business received funding from Simon Dolan who is a success entrepreneur and business angel investor.. Our story was covered in the financial times a few weeks ago..

To find out more about our journey please visit www.rawbusiness.com where I continue to write and talk openly and honestly about the challenges that I have faced.

Thank you so much for your interest in our business and both Simon and myself look forward to seeing you register with us.

Best Wishes Bradley Chapman

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