5 07 2011

The idea that the private sector must grow, and grow fast and, by doing so, bail the country out of its current economic woes, seems to have become de facto recession busting policy. The idea is that this growth will not only create wealth but also save us from 1980s unemployment levels, as thousands of civil servants are decommissioned to cut costs. In theory this strategy sounds plausible.

So why don’t we get on with the hiring and get the recovery on the road? I’ll tell you why: it’s because when I hire someone I’m obliged after a couple of months to give them an employment contract. The problem being that once said contract is in place getting rid of them (should they not make the grade) without facing a hefty employment tribunal claim, is practically impossible.

One of the reasons why the public sector has become so ungainly and inefficient in the first place is because for years it has been allowed to hire endlessly without ever jettisoning those who weren’t up to snuff. Thankfully the government is attempting to sort this situation out, so surely it would make good sense not to allow it to develop in private industry?

That’s why I think two years is a much more reasonable length of time for someone to be in a job before they must be offered a contract by right. I’m not saying that should be the case all the time, but offering a contract, complete with all the benefits that go with it should be the choice of the company paying the wages. In short we need far more freedom to be able to fire people who are unable to carry out their jobs to a satisfactory standard.

Now I’ve got that off my chest I’d like to add that if we can radically reform employment law along these lines, so that things aren’t so heavily stacked against the employer, many more, not less, people would end up in work.

The reason being by removing the potential hazards (and costs due to the potential of losing tribunal cases) of getting an employment decision wrong would be far less. And what’s more, the slackers, and everyone’s had a few on their books over the years, who toe the line for a few months, but once over their probation period, become disruptive and work-shy, would surely become extinct. Now there’s an environment where we might have a much better chance of tackling the recession.

Charlie Mullins




What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

5 07 2011

With the UK economy in full re-build, it will be the entrepreneurs, who create jobs, through innovation and by putting their ideas into action. Being an entrepreneur or business owner is not an easy thing to do and with so many new business startups perhaps more than ever before, you have to ask yourself one question:-

Am I ready?
Being an entrepreneur requires a passion, determination and courage that few people actually realise. You will experience the highest of highs coupled with the lowest of lows. At times, your mind and resolve will be tested to the limits and only when you face real adversity will you know whether you truly are entrepreneurial.

Entrepreneurial Leaders

Entrepreneurs are natural leaders that inspire and innovate through ideas and creation. An entrepreneur must accept and realise that he is not skilled in every aspect of business and day-to-day operations. The skill is knowing when and where to seek help and how to use it and in what quantities. Always stand up and be counted even when things go wrong. When your ideas work, ride them, when they do not, evaluate and reapply.
Your idea
If you are starting a business then you must test-drive your idea. Do not keep it to yourself, as you are not re-inventing the wheel. Put your idea out there, as that is the only way to know if it is going to work. Use your friends and family to test drive your idea but also use people who do not know you, as they will answer honestly without emotion. Above all, listen to them, as they could be your future customers.


Do you have adequate finance to get your business where you need it to be? If you do not then you have two choices: – either wait until you have secured enough money to fund the business or start it knowing that you will require investment at a later stage. Some investors prefer to see something tangible, live and working. Be careful and choose wisely.

Employing people

During my career, I have employed thousands of staff. I have learned only recently at a great cost that you must employ the best person that you can and if that means you have some kind of profit share then do it. Getting employment wrong, can cost you time, money, grow and can have a negative impact on your business. When I met and interviewed David recently he reinforced that to me.

Business planning

Your business will change as soon as you create it. A business pan rarely goes according to plan. Keeping an eye on costs is key and reviewing your monthly costs is essential if you are to survive.
Always look at your three month cost base and if you are not making money then ensure that you either decrease costs, increase sales or your GP to stay above water. Always remember that if your business makes 10% net profit after all expenses then for every £10,000 in turnover you achieve you earn £1000. Every £1000 that you spend requires you to turnover another £10,000 just to make it back.

Time and resources

Entrepreneurs work long hours and often take home less money than they were paid by the jobs they enjoyed prior to starting in business. I would advise that you have a second income while you build your business. The less you draw from the business, the stronger it will be in the long term. Your resources are everything and the contacts that you make will help you grow your business. Business networking is an essential tool for any business owner and there are many business-networking opportunities for you to explore.

Business Networking

Business networking is a vital tool for your business. Get out and join as many business networks as you can. Entrepreneur networking will help you make new contacts that you can later use to your advantage. Raw Business online offers free online business networking. Every registered member also receives a copy of Raw Business Magazine each month. Join as many networks as you can and make as many new contacts as you can.

Regards Bradley Chapman

Chelmsford Business Networking Club Launches

13 05 2011

Event Title: Finding the Motivation Within

Speaker and Host: Bradley Chapman

Location: The Blue Bridge Restaurant – Writtle Chelmsford
Time: Breakfast Meetings 7.30am, Lunch Meetings 12.30pm
Duration 2.5 Hours


Learn about how to find the motivation and strength  NEEDED to GROW, SURVIVE and SUCCEED in business using positive motivation”.

In association with the Blue Group of restaurants and bars we have secured a high quality prestigious restaurant venue to launch the Monday Business Club hosted by myself and special guest speakers. We are running two events per month on Mondays – One breakfast and one lunch meeting, with further plans to launch evening business dinner events.

Would you like to feel motivated and inspired to be able to bring a positive impact to your business and move forward to success?

Have you ever felt that you have reached a stumbling block or obstacle to move your business forward?

As an entrepreneur have you ever felt like you are the only one who knows what you want to achieve?

If you do then this event is a must attend for you

Not only that I will teach you to:

Find the motivation that you did not know you had!
Take action and bring about positive change!
Find the confidence to do new things!
Let go of your inhibitions and set yourself free!

During the event you will:

Network with other like minded local business owners
Gain referrals and meet valuable business contact contacts
Make new friends
Discuss your business in a relaxed business networking atmosphere
Speed network to get your energy buzzing

After the event you will:
Leave with belly full of wonderful cooked breakfast or amazing lunch and start your week inspired and refreshed and ready to take your business to new heights

Don’t take my word for it – See me in action as the Key Speaker at thje Kent 2020 show – Bradley Chapman Live and Unleashed

The Agenda for the Event

7.30am – Registration and Meet & Greet Event Attendees
7.45am – Welcome from Event Host: Bradley Chapman
8.00am – Full English Breakfast
8.20pm –Speed Networking
8.45pm –Speaker: Bradley Chapman
9.30pm – Session Close

I look forward to seeing you at the event and enjoying an ealry morning business networking breakfast with you. I guarantee that you will leave inspired and motivated..

About Bradley Chapman

Bradley Chapman believes that “Everything is Possible” if you have the right mindset and motivation to support your dream, goals and vision. He has faced and overcome major adversity in both his personal life and the various businesses that he has owned, managed and built during his career. He believes that everyday people can achieve extraordinary things.

Bradley Chapman has over 20 years of business, business management and entrepreneurial experience. He has traded both in the UK and internationally for clients including Walt Disney, Wembley Stadium, Coca Cola, pop and rock groups including Oasis and The Spice Girls as well as supplying promotional products for major TV campaigns and leading UK brands.

Over the years Bradley has owned various businesses including an import and export business, retails shops, fast food catering businesses, clothing mail order, textiles manufacturing, wholesale and retail businesses and most recently Raw Business – The Entrepreneur Network including Business Networking and a Business Magazine called Raw Business Magazine. Bradley has interviewed and worked with some of the UK’s highest profile entrepreneurs.

Bradley has spoken at many events, both hosted by Raw and as a guest speaker for other organisations. Bradley’s first major speaking event as MD of Raw business was as a personal guest of Rachel Elnaugh at the British Library in Jan 2009. Bradley was speaking to 200 + Entrepreneurs about how people shouldn’t let others tell them they can’t do something. This was part of an Inspiring Entrepreneurs event titled “Business Nightmares”.

Bradley Chapman BIO

Contact Details:

Bradley 07775 877018

Email: me@bradleychapman.com

Raw Business – The Entrepreneur Network

If you are not a member of Raw Business then register online today absolutely free of charge to use our free networking website www.rawbusiness.com

Bradley Chapman – Online exclusive Business Coaching and Business Mentor Service

Sign up to my online personal mentoring service by clicking on the link below and become one of my exclusive subscribers. Monthly subscription is £25 – Find out how I can help you. Click the link below


About our Attending Event Sponsors

Dyslexia Coaching – Come and see Gillian Woon of Dyslexia Coaching on her stand. Gillian has been a Raw Business member and supporter for over 3 years. Not only is Gillian a top quality business coach and dyslexia coach, she is also the author of the book “Inspiration: A Users Guide”, which can be purchased from Gillian’s stand at the event

Magnetic – Come and see Ray Padfield-Krala owner of Magnetic Ecology Ltd. Ray manufactures and sells his own brand of pain relief. Magnetic Therapy is recognised as a non-evasive natural therapy. It is not new and the ancient Egyptians and Greeks are known to have used magnetic therapy thousands of years ago. The Chinese and Japanese have used magnetic therapy again for thousands of years and even now magnets are used in hospitals and clinics.

Other Event Sponsors

Philip Martindale – Philip is the owner of Alcander . Alcander, based in South-East London, take a holistic approach to marketing its clients websites so they are not only made more visible on the search engines, but will also attract more click-throughs. We will remove any obstacles likely to get in the way of a site’s ability to engage with its viewer. Ultimately, you will get more customers reaching for the phone, completing your enquiry form or emailing you.

Peter Green – Peter is the owner of Performance for Growth . Performance for Growth is an independent UK management training and leadership development company based in Berkshire. Our small size enables us to provide excellent value for money and the reassurance that the people you meet will be the ones you or your team will be working with. We prioritise each client’s individual needs and will ensure we understand and take into account the specific details that matter to you

Venue Hosts

The Blue Group of Bars Restaurants and Night Clubs

The Blue Bridge Restaurant

Bradley Chapman launches online business coaching program

4 05 2011

I received so many responses last week from business owners and entrepreneurs who asked for my help with their businesses. I was inspired by the sheer amount of people who will not give up the fight to make their businesses a success and the diversity of different business offerings. I received emails and calls from such a large range of business sectors that it has inspired me to offer online coaching to a larger audience at a more affordable price.

Not everybody can afford my personal mentoring fees and I want to be able to pass on my experience to you. As a result, I have decided to launch a remote cost effective business coaching and mentoring service to assist business owners where budgets may be tight.

My new coaching service costs only £25 per month and you can subscribe and unsubscribe when you like. Over the coming months I am going to deliver a series of secured access, live and recorded webcasts, newsletters and emails that will my pass my knowledge and passion on to YOU!

I will also provide you with my mobile number so that we can chat when you need to speak to me. It may well be that you need motivation or you may need my advice or just a bouncing board to help you make a decision.

If you are serious about your business and wish to succeed then subscribe to my new service and be prepared to have your mind opened up to a whole new world of opportunity. I will deliver my skill knowledge and attitude directly to you. You will be then be able to put them into action immediately delivering positive changes for your business.

What you will get for your money:-

  • A weekly live webcast that all coaching subscribers can join in and ask questions which I will answer. Each week we will cover a new topic from social media to business angel investment. The webcasts will be recorded and can be viewed at a later date if you miss the live version.
  • A weekly dedicated mentoring newsletter that delivers topical business support and mentoring advice direct to your inbox.
  • Weekly updates of recommended suppliers and contacts that will help you move your business forward as well as free business solutions that you can use to your benefit.
  • All monthly subscribers will be listed with links in my personal blog to promote their company and website.
  • Free unlimited business articles can be added to my networks business articles sections giving you valuable back links to your website.
  • Every subscriber will qualify for their own entrepreneur interview which will be placed on the Raw Business website Interviews Section
  • You will receive my mobile number for motivational chats, business advice and general support as and when required.
  • You can put forward specific requests to me for webcast topics that will help your business now and in the future.

Subscribe now to be added to my exclusive online coaching and business mentoring service:

Bradley Chapman – Business Coaching and Mentoring Service
 Montlhy Payment : £25.00GBP – monthly Yearly saver : £250.00GBP – yearly

Areas we will be covering over the coming weeks:-

Social Media – How to use it to your advantage
Recruiting staff – What to look for and what to avoid
Business Planning – How to avoid the cash flow trap
Websites – Building costs effective web solutions
Brand Development – Creating a brand that is remembered
Outsourcing – Keeping costs low
Purchasing – How to reduce your costs and keep your profits high
Motivation – How to find it, keep it and use a positive flow for your business
Finances – Finding the right business angel and or investor
Cash Flow Management – Can factoring help your business
E-marketing – Create regular newsletters to build your database
CRM systems – Are you using the right one to grow your business
Telecoms – Phone systems, virtual and geographic numbers
Other Areas that we will be covering Include:-

Sales and Sales operations
Sales/ Telesales Training
Sales Manager Training
Full KPI review
Incentives/ Commission Structures
Full Media pack design and distribution
Review employment contracts/ co protection
Full product review and overhaul
Look at existing and new routes to market via in house/field operatives
Establish and consolidate your client base
Outsourced sales option

Marketing Mix
Assess Brand Strengths and weaknesses
Bring the company in line with all social media marketing
Evaluate website – key words and SEO, CPC Data collection and control for marketing purposes
Look at ways of promoting your brand via my network and published magazines

Bring the company and team together to improve work rates and work ethics
Asses all areas looking at time/ costs and managing effectively
Weekly/ monthly heads of dept meetings to review current situ and implemented changes
Evaluate all purchasing costs 

I look forward to you joining my coaching sessions. Over the coming weeks I intend to connect my personal subscribers allowing them to network extensively with each other creating an inner circle of personally mentored business owners and entrepreneurs.

“One of my biggest successes was taking a company from £75k revenue per month to over £1.4 a month million a month within six months. I have over 20 years of direct business experience covering UK and overseas markets. I have direct high growth business experience that I am now offering to you”

Regards and Best Wishes
Bradley Chapman 

For all enquiries please email mentor@rawbusiness.com

Bradley Chapman live and unleashed at Kent2020 Vision

Bradley’s Blog

Raw Business Magazine

Raw Business TV

Bradley Chapman speaking at the Pre Conference Event for Kent 2020 Show

17 03 2011

It is my great pleasure to announce that I will be speaking at the pre conference event for the Kent 2020 show in Kent, 29th March, on how to maximise your potential at trade shows. The event is going to be a blast and I am so wired at the moment that this session is going to raise the roof. Please find the details below and if you could attend, the Team at Best Business Events and myself would be pleased to see you there – If you would like to register at Raw Business please visit www.rawbusiness.com

Kent 2020 – Pre-Conference Event 29/03/2011 08:30

REGISTER NOW- Registration is free for this event


Join in the largest networking event in the county where you will hear from a top business speaker on maximising the opportunities of Kent 2020. You will have yet another opportunity of meeting up with exhibitors along with registered delegates. A golden opportunity of promoting your business to hundreds.

FREE and exclusively for all registered delegates and exhibitors at Kent 2020 ‘11

Business Networking and Motivation
It will change your life

Maximise the opportunities of Kent 2020 using the power of business networking. A golden opportunity of promoting your business to hundreds – the largest networking event in the South East.

Presented by Bradley Chapman

Bradley Chapman Thumbnail Bradley is engaging, passionate, insightful and a humorous speaker who brings businesses together with one goal in mind – to make them all successful at business. 

He has over 20 years of business, business management and entrepreneurial business experience trading both in the UK and internationally for clients including Walt Disney, Wembley Stadium and Coca Cola.

If I knew what I know now about the power of business networking I would have started years ago. I never dreamed that I would meet people like David and Jacqueline Gold, Charlie Mullins and Richard Fraleigh. The contacts that I now have means that I know just about everybody for everything. Everybody should network – it is now the essential business survival tool.

‘Bradley has great and personal insight into business and a wealth of anecdotes having interviewed many of our top business leaders’
Phil Hall, MD PHA Media
Former Editor of The News of the World


Just some of what Bradley will cover 

• Belief is everything – How’s your Marmite?
• Moving out of your comfort zones to discover the new you
• What will networking do for your business?
• Finding the motivation from within
• The one penny motivation answer

Event Type: Kent Event
When: 29/03/2011 08:30 to 10:30
Register: 29/03/2011 08:00
Venue: Ramada Maidstone
Cost: No charge

Bradley Chapman is the founder of www.rawbusiness.com – The Entrepreneur Network


23 02 2011

Manifesting wealth and abundance should be easy.  However too often people are full of fear and anxiety and if you’re constantly worried about how things will turn out you are closing off the ways that money and abundance can actually come to you.

You shouldn’t have to struggle to make money or attract wealth.  Having more money makes your life easier and allows you to do many of the things you want.  But if you don’t have the wealth you want, if you’re not making the kind of money you want, if you’re not manifesting  wealth and abundance then you’re simply not sending out the right messages to have more of what you want.

Those messages are your thoughts and beliefs.  And whatever thoughts and beliefs you have about money and manifesting wealth will become a part of your life.

Unfortunately most people don’t believe they can make the kind of money they want and they don’t believe that they can be wealthy.

Why does this happen?

Well at some point in your life you developed a negative thinking pattern, This pattern was planted in your subconscious mind when you were younger and in all probability you’re not even aware of it.  You just know that you believe more in lack than you do in abundance.  That no matter how hard you try you just can’t ‘get ahead’.  That you don’t deserve it, you’re not worthy of it, that you have to struggle to succeed – and so you never achieve.

What’s happening is that your subconscious is creating your life based on those thoughts and beliefs.   You’re putting out the wrong signals.

Your subconscious simply follows your beliefs.  Negative or limiting beliefs about money have no purpose… they don’t let you get ahead or live the life you want and they certainly won’t let you become wealthy.

Those who succeed and enjoy their lives control their fear, they eliminate anxiety and panic by changing their focus and by thinking of how things will or can work out.   They have a belief in themselves and what they are worthy of.

If you’re crippled with fear it’s because you’re thinking of how things won’t work out or what could go wrong.

You don’t have enough information to be confident so your mind immediately focuses on what could go wrong.  No wonder you get scared.   Anybody would be crippled with fear if they focused on what could go wrong all the time.

So what do you do?

Change your thoughts.  Start thinking about how things could work out.  Push your mind to do things differently.  As your mind goes into a negative tailspin you feel trapped, you’re worried, uncertain, then the panic takes over, the fear cripples you and the anxiety overwhelms you. And if those worries are down to money – not having enough, not earning enough, not enough customers, whatever it might be, the more you think like that the worse it will become.

It’s not a way to live.

So what can you do?

Focus on what you want.  Think of how you would like things to turn out and fill your mind with thoughts of success.  If you stray, if your mind comes back and give you negative junk that leads to fear and anxiety change those thoughts.

Your subconscious mind will then pick up on these new thoughts and allow you to overcome the fear…  eliminate the anxiety and get rid of the panic attacks.

You need to eliminate and change any negative beliefs about money even if times are tough or if there’s a recession.

The truth is that in a recession people still make money.
People still find jobs in recessions.
Businesses do grow.
New businesses form during tough times.

Keep Changing those negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Get rid of them.


I help people change their negative thoughts and limiting beliefs with tapping, NLP and hypnotherapy.

When you have a thought that supports you those beliefs change .  It really is that simple

Getting rid of those negative beliefs once and for all, empowering yourself with positive powerful thoughts, doing this on a daily basis (the way you do when you worry !) going over and over things is THE ONLY WAY to bring changes in your life; bring you the life you want rather than what you’re struggling with.

Focus on what you want.  Feed your mind positive thoughts and create positive beliefs about making and building wealth quickly and easily

Negative self-beliefs thwart your self-image and cloud and shroud the light within.  You cannot live like that – You need to let your happy loving nature shine; let it out and be free.

In doing so you will find your life will change in all areas, and you will begin to manifest all your dreams with ease and start experiencing more of the love, happiness and successes you desire and deserve.

The truth is, you always deserve, whether you believe it or not, so you may as well believe it! Because…

The more you believe you deserve it all, the more you will receive

I can help you change those beliefs; I can help you move on, improve your life, make more money, give you confidence and self belief which will in turn bring you a brighter future.

Remember what you think about today becomes true for you tomorrow.

Get rid of those limiting beliefs before they cause more damage to your life.



skype: thewarenesszone

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Author: Adrienne Marks
Category: Business Coaching

Raw Business offers Entrepreneurs online networking facility

25 08 2010

Following the announcement by Coalition Government Minister Mark Prisk that the funding for Business Link is to be halted, Raw Business, a private sector online business networking and publishing company, has made the decision to open its network to the whole of the UK business community free of charge.

Raw Business was founded in 2007 and aims to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with the tools, support and guidance they need to make their business a success. The online network aims to bring entrepreneurs and business owners together, enabling them to forge strong, lasting business relationships and is based on the most popular Social Networking models.

Historically, the network has had free and subscription based membership options but following the announcement by Mr Prisk, Raw Business MD Bradley Chapman has made the decision to open up the network. Bradley told us “Business owners and entrepreneurs can sometimes feel very isolated and not everyone is good at everything. A support mechanism where the experiences of other business owners can be shared, despite any rivalry, can really help to make the business community and the UK as whole, a better place.”

These sentiments were echoed by Government Minister Simon Burns who, in a statement to Raw Business said “The services offered and the opportunities presented through companies like Raw Business can potentially be a vital lifeline for business and entrepreneurs alike.

With austerity measures being introduced in public sector funded projects such as Business Link, it is good to see that the private sector is ready and willing to come together in these tough times. “

As well as the online network, Raw Business also publishes a monthly business magazine title raw Business Magazine written by business owners, for business owners but also including interviews with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. The magazine is now in its twelfth edition, has a print run of 15,000 and has both printed and digital versions.

For more information about the services on offer by Raw Business, please visit www.rawbusiness.com

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