Bradley Chapman speaking at the Pre Conference Event for Kent 2020 Show

17 03 2011

It is my great pleasure to announce that I will be speaking at the pre conference event for the Kent 2020 show in Kent, 29th March, on how to maximise your potential at trade shows. The event is going to be a blast and I am so wired at the moment that this session is going to raise the roof. Please find the details below and if you could attend, the Team at Best Business Events and myself would be pleased to see you there – If you would like to register at Raw Business please visit

Kent 2020 – Pre-Conference Event 29/03/2011 08:30

REGISTER NOW- Registration is free for this event


Join in the largest networking event in the county where you will hear from a top business speaker on maximising the opportunities of Kent 2020. You will have yet another opportunity of meeting up with exhibitors along with registered delegates. A golden opportunity of promoting your business to hundreds.

FREE and exclusively for all registered delegates and exhibitors at Kent 2020 ‘11

Business Networking and Motivation
It will change your life

Maximise the opportunities of Kent 2020 using the power of business networking. A golden opportunity of promoting your business to hundreds – the largest networking event in the South East.

Presented by Bradley Chapman

Bradley Chapman Thumbnail Bradley is engaging, passionate, insightful and a humorous speaker who brings businesses together with one goal in mind – to make them all successful at business. 

He has over 20 years of business, business management and entrepreneurial business experience trading both in the UK and internationally for clients including Walt Disney, Wembley Stadium and Coca Cola.

If I knew what I know now about the power of business networking I would have started years ago. I never dreamed that I would meet people like David and Jacqueline Gold, Charlie Mullins and Richard Fraleigh. The contacts that I now have means that I know just about everybody for everything. Everybody should network – it is now the essential business survival tool.

‘Bradley has great and personal insight into business and a wealth of anecdotes having interviewed many of our top business leaders’
Phil Hall, MD PHA Media
Former Editor of The News of the World


Just some of what Bradley will cover 

• Belief is everything – How’s your Marmite?
• Moving out of your comfort zones to discover the new you
• What will networking do for your business?
• Finding the motivation from within
• The one penny motivation answer

Event Type: Kent Event
When: 29/03/2011 08:30 to 10:30
Register: 29/03/2011 08:00
Venue: Ramada Maidstone
Cost: No charge

Bradley Chapman is the founder of – The Entrepreneur Network


Business Networking and Motivation – It will change your life?

23 02 2011

It is my great pleasure to be speaking at this weeks Best for Business event in Kent. I love inspiring people and I am going to raise the roof on this one leaving all the attendees with a feeling of “I can do anything” when I come off of the stage.

Title: Business Networking and Motivation – It will change your life?
Presentation Time 40 minutes

1. Who is Bradley Chapman?
2. Belief is everything – Hows your Marmite?
3. Moving out of your comfort zones to discover the new you
4. What will networking do for your business?
5. Finding the motivation from within
6. The one penny motivation answer
7. Q+A


Kent Business Networking Forum – Membership is FREE


• EXHIBIT FREE your goods and services – bring your stand, leaflets, pull-ups etc, no space restriction
• Network – Meet a minimum of 70 NEW BUSINESS CONTACTS
• Guest Speaker BRADLEY CHAPMAN who is determined and passionate with his unique style of motivating and inspiring businesses to prosper – not to be missed
• Plus from 10.45 am – 11.45 am FREE OPTIONAL SESSION on ‘How to spend less on Marketing’
The more business people you meet the more successful you can make your business, so maximise on every opportunity and be part of the Kent Business Networking Forum (Membership is FREE).

From the moment you arrive until the time you leave, you will be meeting new business contacts and with a little help from us you will be amazed at how successful you can be.

• A great way to meet new leads, clients and customers
• Provide opportunities to promote your services/products
• Enable you to meet owners/decision makers from many businesses
• Allow you to share and gain knowledge, expertise and contacts
• Opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with others


Genuine offer for anyone who employs staff but time is running out. Stay on for our marketing session and it is very likely that you are eligible to attend at no cost to yourself a fully funded half-day Executive Masterclass on how to improve your marketing but spend less money.

On this intensive Executive Masterclass we only book on four attendees so you will receive maximum attention tailored to your business. This is really a unique opportunity to vastly improve your marketing.

Don’t miss out, book your places NOW


“Bradley is engaging, passionate, insightful and a humorous speaker. He has great and personal insight into business and wealth of anecdotes having interviewed many of our top businesses leaders”
Phil Hall – MD PHA Media, Former Editor of The News of The World

“Motivation plays an important part in any business owners career and if you are struggling to find yours, hear Bradley and he will fill you with energy that you can turn into bolts of lighting to positively impact your business”
Charlie Mullins -MD Pimlico Plumbers, Prince’s Trust, Enterprise Fellow

Guest Speaker: Bradley Chapman

Bradley Chapman believes that “Everything is Possible” if you have the right mindset and motivation to support your dream, goals and vision. He has faced and overcome major adversity in both his personal life and the various businesses that he has owned, managed and built during his career. He believes that everyday people can achieve extraordinary things.

Raw Business offers Entrepreneurs online networking facility

25 08 2010

Following the announcement by Coalition Government Minister Mark Prisk that the funding for Business Link is to be halted, Raw Business, a private sector online business networking and publishing company, has made the decision to open its network to the whole of the UK business community free of charge.

Raw Business was founded in 2007 and aims to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with the tools, support and guidance they need to make their business a success. The online network aims to bring entrepreneurs and business owners together, enabling them to forge strong, lasting business relationships and is based on the most popular Social Networking models.

Historically, the network has had free and subscription based membership options but following the announcement by Mr Prisk, Raw Business MD Bradley Chapman has made the decision to open up the network. Bradley told us “Business owners and entrepreneurs can sometimes feel very isolated and not everyone is good at everything. A support mechanism where the experiences of other business owners can be shared, despite any rivalry, can really help to make the business community and the UK as whole, a better place.”

These sentiments were echoed by Government Minister Simon Burns who, in a statement to Raw Business said “The services offered and the opportunities presented through companies like Raw Business can potentially be a vital lifeline for business and entrepreneurs alike.

With austerity measures being introduced in public sector funded projects such as Business Link, it is good to see that the private sector is ready and willing to come together in these tough times. “

As well as the online network, Raw Business also publishes a monthly business magazine title raw Business Magazine written by business owners, for business owners but also including interviews with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. The magazine is now in its twelfth edition, has a print run of 15,000 and has both printed and digital versions.

For more information about the services on offer by Raw Business, please visit

Raw Entrepreneur Magazine Goes to Print!

16 04 2009

Hi everybody

It has seemed like a lifetime to us moving from our previous digital Raw Magazine Editions into a fully printed glossy A4 printed version for edition 6.. Well myself and Scott are both pleased, humbled and honoured at the same time to deliver our best edition yet featuring an exclusive interview with the UK’s highest profile PR agent Mr Max Clifford!

Read Raw Mag 6 Here

I have worked with Scott for over 6 years and during that time our relationship has moved both forward and backwards at the same time. It takes a very long time to build a working relationship with a business partner and it takes and even longer time to be able to respect and understand each others strengths and weaknesses. If you can work together as a team and share a common vision or goal then of course anything might be possible. We have worked on our differences and we seem to be moving into a new respect zone.

We had some launch shots taken last week to celebrate the Raw Entrepreneur Magazine edition 6 in print and at first they started really seriously and before we knew it we started to feel almost as if we were famous for a minute!

This is the first image that we took and as you can see we looked like a pair of serious plonkers.

What a pair of plonkers!

What a pair of plonkers!

This is the second Image and as you can tell we have warmed up a little and starting to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

feeling more comfotable with the camera

feeling more comfortable with the camera

This is about the sixth shot that we took and we are starting to get in the mood feeling like we might just make it as Entrepreneurs…

Oh yes now we are kicking back and playing for the camera

Oh yes now we are kicking back and playing for the camera

Oh yes lets get our teeth stuck into this whole photo shoot. feel it see it taste it!

Bradley Chapman and Scott English show their teeth

Bradley Chapman and Scott English show their teeth

OK then it think its time to really let rip… “Shall we pull our pants down together Scott” – “But Brad i am not wearing any”, “OK then Scott looks like it just me, but if i pull my pants down everyone will who i really am!” , Brad don’t worry this is Raw Entrepreneur Magazine – A magazine for Entrepreneurs who can be honest with who they really are”, “OK then Scott but our whole world will change if i do it…… Here go”.

Damm Damm  i really did not want everyone to know who i really am!

Damm Damm i really did not want everyone to know who i really am!

The Power of Being a Positive Entrepreneur – by Bradley Chapman

1 04 2009

It really touches me and even on the darkest of days like today when our revenue is less than 50% of what we need to cover our costs and a day when I have delivered an amazing heartfelt and visionary speech to my team and yes i guess that it may have empowered the courageous among them.

It’s 4.45 and i am nearly passing out from exhaustion and lack of sleep through worry and not being able to do, create and deliver everything that Mi is demanding and needing right now..

I can sit back and eat my cottage pie with the comfort that I am not alone and that we all share the highs and lows of being in business… There are days that I love calling myself an Entrepreneur and days that i shake in fear for what i have had to do, some good and some bad.

I just spoke to a lady called Sue who is a life coach and she told me how she had come back from a near death experience.. Sue no speaks to Entrepreneurs and encourages them.

Its people like like this that puts us all to shame with our simple whims like “Where is everybody”

Team Million Impossible

“GET BUSY LIVING OR GET BUSY DYING” – Shawshank Redemption

Lots of Bradley

PS- I wish i could carry all of you but i cant. You all have wings. please join me and fly with me and together we will achieve something that no other network has been able to.


Business SOS – This part of the web site is wide open for any of the areas listed and featured to be taken over by members of MI – do you have any ideas. This is a really good opportunity for Mi Members.

Angels Den – we are looking to pair with a VC company that will provide VC funding and advice for our members?

Business PR – we need a PR agency to take over and sponsor this area of the site and help our members with PR and Marketing?

Mi News – we need a professional press release business to sponsor and run this aspect of our site so that our members can issue free and paid for press releases. Our members need advice and guidance on writing, proof reading and promoting a press release – any ideas/ contacts?

This is just for starters. If you realise that we will have around 40,000 members by then end of Dec 2009, then think about this! Do any of you really want to waste negative energy on the things that you don’t have,instead use that energy positively and get the things you want? Ummm….. Thought provoking.

For all that are fighting to build the forum, I thank you and i will never forget – Thanks for being there

Bradley Chapman – MD
Million Impossible – The Entrepreneur Network

Inspiring Entrepreneurs at the British Library

23 01 2009

Inspiring Entrepreneurs at the British Library Wednesday 21st January 2009 “Business in Crisis”.

When Rachel invited me to form part of the panel, I of course accepted. Me, miss an opportunity to talk in front of 250 aspiring and budding Entrepreneurs “No Way”. I mean that like offering candy to a child!

I arrived at the Library early after a previous engagement at the Royal Courts of Justice (where a bird dropped the biggest poop on my head, shirt and tie that you have ever seen) and entered the auditorium to take a peak at the venue. WOW what a fantastic venue. The 250 seat auditorium by 6.20pm would be filled 250 aspiring and budding entrepreneurs listening to the panel speak. The speaker platform was awesome and in my own little way i felt how Mr President Obama must have felt during his inauguration speech – Very Proud and Honoured that Million Impossible supports aspiring and budding Entrepreneurs.

The panel consisted of:-

Rachel Elnaugh:- one of the original Dragons’ Den team, whose own business, Red Letter Days, collapsed into administration in 2005. Rachel has since distilled these traumatic experiences into a book, Business Nightmares.

Bradley Chapman: Bradley Chapman is the founder of the online business networking and business support web site Million Impossible, and the digital magazine Raw Entrepreneur.

Gavin Griffiths:- Gavin Griffiths endured his business nightmare when he purchased the magazine The Erotic Review for £1.

Aamir Ahmad: Aamir Ahmad launched dwell in November 2003 as a multi-channel company (mail order catalogue, online presence and a small store in South London). Over the past 5 years dwell has grown into a strong multi channel retailer with a significant online presence and seven stores spread throughout the UK with a combined turnover of over £25m.

The event was one of a series of events titled “Inspiring Entrepreneurs” and i must say that i enjoyed every minute of it. My presentation was titled “Never let anybody tell you that you cannot do something” and it was well received by the audience.

The Entrepreneur Panel

The Entrepreneur Panel

Speaking in front of people can be daunting for most people, but when you are speaking about something that you feel passionate about and its personal to you – well of course it just flows. Having to squeeze all that i had to say within 10 minutes on the stage needed some control on my part but combine that with the post event networking party was abfab.

I was amazed at the level of positivity in the audience and I am thankful for the kind responses that i have received since the event. I hope that The Mi team and myself can get more involved in supporting the British Library in the very near future.

With Thanks to The British Library and specifically the business and IP centre and of course their sponsors HSBC. On the day thanks to Shabana Mahmud, Isabelle Oswell, Matthew Rock and of course my dear friend Rachel Elnaugh for once again making it all possible!

Next Stop Entrepreneur School

Best Wishes
“Dreams to Reality”

Bradley Chapman

Bradley at the podium

Bradley at the podium

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Raw Entrepreneur publishes 4th edition on-line magazine

17 12 2008

We are pleased to announce that Raw Entrepreneur edition 4 can now be read on line at Our high profile Entrepreneur featured this month is Imran Hakim, Inventor of iTeddy and the first Dragons Den Millionaire.

The magazine also features regular contributor Heidi Weir who writes the “Women in Business” piece each month and Colin Stroud who talks about the update and progress of Million Impossible’s Entrepreneur Networking website. Bradley Chapman also talks about The Business Startups show which Million Impossible exhibited at during November.

Other key editorials this month include:-

Rachel Elnaugh – Talks about the latest financial crisis

Rachel Elnaugh at Business Startups

Linda Klassen Brown – On why work balance isn’t for whimps
Emma Thompson – Discusses the credit crunch and suggests that there is another rumour
Entrepreneurs teaching Entrepreneurs – Could we really all come together and create a school for Entrepreneurs, where potentially we could increase the chances of businesses succeeding? The concept and idea behind Entrepreneur School is delivered from the team at Million Impossible.

Raw Entrepreneur Magazine launched during August 2008 and features stories on Entrepreneurs who have been through or are facing adversity and how they are overcoming it. The magazine is published by Million Impossible – The Entrepreneur Network.

Million Impossible has recently completed a breakaway deal for Raw Entrepreneur Magazine which will operate under the name Raw Business from January 2009.

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