Bradley Chapman launches online business coaching program

4 05 2011

I received so many responses last week from business owners and entrepreneurs who asked for my help with their businesses. I was inspired by the sheer amount of people who will not give up the fight to make their businesses a success and the diversity of different business offerings. I received emails and calls from such a large range of business sectors that it has inspired me to offer online coaching to a larger audience at a more affordable price.

Not everybody can afford my personal mentoring fees and I want to be able to pass on my experience to you. As a result, I have decided to launch a remote cost effective business coaching and mentoring service to assist business owners where budgets may be tight.

My new coaching service costs only £25 per month and you can subscribe and unsubscribe when you like. Over the coming months I am going to deliver a series of secured access, live and recorded webcasts, newsletters and emails that will my pass my knowledge and passion on to YOU!

I will also provide you with my mobile number so that we can chat when you need to speak to me. It may well be that you need motivation or you may need my advice or just a bouncing board to help you make a decision.

If you are serious about your business and wish to succeed then subscribe to my new service and be prepared to have your mind opened up to a whole new world of opportunity. I will deliver my skill knowledge and attitude directly to you. You will be then be able to put them into action immediately delivering positive changes for your business.

What you will get for your money:-

  • A weekly live webcast that all coaching subscribers can join in and ask questions which I will answer. Each week we will cover a new topic from social media to business angel investment. The webcasts will be recorded and can be viewed at a later date if you miss the live version.
  • A weekly dedicated mentoring newsletter that delivers topical business support and mentoring advice direct to your inbox.
  • Weekly updates of recommended suppliers and contacts that will help you move your business forward as well as free business solutions that you can use to your benefit.
  • All monthly subscribers will be listed with links in my personal blog to promote their company and website.
  • Free unlimited business articles can be added to my networks business articles sections giving you valuable back links to your website.
  • Every subscriber will qualify for their own entrepreneur interview which will be placed on the Raw Business website Interviews Section
  • You will receive my mobile number for motivational chats, business advice and general support as and when required.
  • You can put forward specific requests to me for webcast topics that will help your business now and in the future.

Subscribe now to be added to my exclusive online coaching and business mentoring service:

Bradley Chapman – Business Coaching and Mentoring Service
 Montlhy Payment : £25.00GBP – monthly Yearly saver : £250.00GBP – yearly

Areas we will be covering over the coming weeks:-

Social Media – How to use it to your advantage
Recruiting staff – What to look for and what to avoid
Business Planning – How to avoid the cash flow trap
Websites – Building costs effective web solutions
Brand Development – Creating a brand that is remembered
Outsourcing – Keeping costs low
Purchasing – How to reduce your costs and keep your profits high
Motivation – How to find it, keep it and use a positive flow for your business
Finances – Finding the right business angel and or investor
Cash Flow Management – Can factoring help your business
E-marketing – Create regular newsletters to build your database
CRM systems – Are you using the right one to grow your business
Telecoms – Phone systems, virtual and geographic numbers
Other Areas that we will be covering Include:-

Sales and Sales operations
Sales/ Telesales Training
Sales Manager Training
Full KPI review
Incentives/ Commission Structures
Full Media pack design and distribution
Review employment contracts/ co protection
Full product review and overhaul
Look at existing and new routes to market via in house/field operatives
Establish and consolidate your client base
Outsourced sales option

Marketing Mix
Assess Brand Strengths and weaknesses
Bring the company in line with all social media marketing
Evaluate website – key words and SEO, CPC Data collection and control for marketing purposes
Look at ways of promoting your brand via my network and published magazines

Bring the company and team together to improve work rates and work ethics
Asses all areas looking at time/ costs and managing effectively
Weekly/ monthly heads of dept meetings to review current situ and implemented changes
Evaluate all purchasing costs 

I look forward to you joining my coaching sessions. Over the coming weeks I intend to connect my personal subscribers allowing them to network extensively with each other creating an inner circle of personally mentored business owners and entrepreneurs.

“One of my biggest successes was taking a company from £75k revenue per month to over £1.4 a month million a month within six months. I have over 20 years of direct business experience covering UK and overseas markets. I have direct high growth business experience that I am now offering to you”

Regards and Best Wishes
Bradley Chapman 

For all enquiries please email

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Jane Hardy – For People in Debt

23 02 2011

Times are hard – but stop reminding me!

When times are tough and with so many people in debt, the last thing we want to hear is more bad news, isn’t it?  Government statistics can be quite depressing. For example, they say now that 40% of people struggle to make it to pay-day.

I don’t know about you, but I believe that many people go into denial and cannot relate to being a statistic.  Many of my clients say, ‘Well, I never thought I’d be one of those people!’

However there isn’t an eternal pot of money. Our income has limits. So at what point do people start to realise their outgoings exceed their incomings?

Let’s just put some perspective into this before we attempt any solutions. I think that many were lured into debt around two years ago -it was almost fashionable. ‘Sometime, somewhere in Never Never Land, I may have to pay it off, but hey, look on the bright side, not YET!’

Then what happened?  The banks overspent, too! Wow, how can they get it so badly wrong? The bedrock of society, the cash cow for the world’s industry and population… and it’s not just in the UK, it’s now most of Europe, and beyond.

In the UK, not only did they have to turn to the government for support, the taxpayer had to take  ownership of this exclusive Banking Club. So the senior bankers were gambling with some fairly hack decisions, by all accounts, and with public money. In a less stable economy, our personal bank balances would have been wiped clean.  And these are the guys we trusted?

Whether you love statistics or hate them, or even just question their reliability, one of my sources of information states that seven million people won’t be able to pay their bills after last Christmas.  January can be one of those heart-stopping months where people take a sharp intake of breath and figure out if they can afford to pay of their credit card bills in one payment or have to stretch it out for 2-3 months; agreeing nervously to pay the inevitable interest too.

Perhaps it’s ironic that we buy discounted goods in the sales. There is a certainly a feel-good factor in getting new clothes for half the ticket price, but really, what’s the true cost after we’ve delayed and paid our credit card bills?

When running into a home accounts deficit, the word debt crops up, of course. That can be a hammer blow that throws up all kinds of emotions. First is disbelief, then usually an expletive. Next a sinking feeling, maybe a cold sweat. And that is where all constructive, measured thought can stop.

When we see this kind of bad news, we often first think there has been some kind of mistake. ‘This cannot be my fault, my partner has paid for something unexpectedly or the bank must have got it wrong.  How can I possibly not have my finances under control?’

As a knee-jerk reaction, we can rush to our savings account, re-checking the balances for quick re-assurance. Our ‘Rainy Day’ Savings have taken an age to accumulate and we don’t want to call on them. ‘Damn it, we were saving for holiday, a new car, a new kitchen… now we’re going to need them just to stand still.’

Another statistic states that a third of people do not discuss their family money worries with their partner. This just compounds the problem when we think that ‘things will sort themselves out’, the problem will go away if I don’t think about it’. None of us likes to think that our standard of living needs to make a step change. I’ll be looking at change in further blogs.

Let no one kid you, there are no easy ‘outs’ to this kind of problem. That would be a bit like saying to someone who is suffering from depression, ‘Oh come on now, cheer up!’  –  Are there ever any easy solutions to a financial situation? They are always contingent on several factors.

However, expertise in this area is at hand. It is all familiar territory to One Stop Financial Security yet each client’s circumstances is different and that’s our starting point. Our business has been born not from opportunism or capitalising on the worries of others. My particular expertise comes from fifteen years in the world of finance and understanding how to explain the world of money; then to finding long term solutions.

You may be thinking that this service is expensive. It’s not; we work with you with a measured short and long term programme of support and give you a tactical recovery plan.

We’re here to help you get through this temporary glitch, not to judge you. With effort on all sides we can make things change for you. It’s what we do and we’re good at it. Call me, as soon as you can, Jane Hardy, on Freephone 0800 860 0312.  Email –

Author: Jane Hardy
Category: Business Resc

Anne Milton MP – Shadow Health Minister Officially opens Million Impossible’s Entrepreneur School Guildford

30 10 2009

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Anne Milton MP for officially opening our Entrepreneur School in Guildford last night. The event was held The University of Surrey – Continuing Education Centre.

Bradley Chapman and Anne Milton MP Shadow Health Minister

The agenda for the evening was a follows:-

6.00pm – Registration and Meet & Greet Event Attendees

6.30pm – Welcome from Bradley and introduce Guildford Entrepreneur School Leader

6.40pm – Agenda and introductions by Peter Hartley (Guildford ES Leader)

6.45pm – Opening of the school by Anne Milton, MP (Shadow Health Minister)

6.55pm – “Looking Ahead” by Peter Hartley

7.05pm – “My Business and how I got there” – Speaker Dr Andrew Lucas

7.50pm – Coffee Break, Group Networking and Meet the Invited Professionals

8.30pm – Session Close

Entrepreneur School Guildford Launch Night

Anne Milton MP – Shadow Health Minister expressed her appreciation for entrepreneurs and the strength and courage that it takes to succeed and indeed bounce back from adversity. She also stressed that during any financial recession that the number of Mental Health cases rises significantly and she confirmed that it is a wide spread problem along with obesity and other mental and physical health issues. Anne was pleased to see a school for Entrepreneurs developing and would have loved to have been able to utilise a school for politicians when she started out her political career.

I was first to speak at the event and was pleased to share my own story of adversity from bankruptcy and beyond with all the attendees explaining my idea, how far we had come and I shared our aspirations of creating Regional Training Centres for Entrepreneurs for the future which might help decrease the business failure rates in the UK.

The Guildford School is being headed up by Mr Peter Hartley who is highly regarded and has a wealth of business and ex MOD based work experience. Peter is also passionate about the SME sector and particularly entrepreneurs. Peter faced his own personal adversity after caring and for his late wife who sadly passed away after being diagnosed with Cancer.

Peter is determined, kind, considerate and unmistakably determined and focused on helping to build Entrepreneur School now and in the near future. I am also pleased to say that he is now my friend.

With a BSc in Physics from Imperial College, Peter started in Business as a Graduate Engineer, collecting various post-Graduate Certificates and an MSc in his spare time. Peter spent some 37 years in corporate business, spanning most roles from basic Design and Development through to Test, Production, etc, before moving into Systems and Programme Management. The opportunities to travel around the world, supporting Marketing and carrying out contract negotiations, were used to great advantage. Having reached Cabinet level and 4* level contacts, he finally left international corporate business and took the Independent route, achieving the success and the work/leisure balance he wanted, with a Science and Technology Consultancy company.

Separately, the growing Business Consultancy, which he offers in conjunction with Entrepreneur School, is intended to provide support to others, whether via Tuition, CVs, Documentation, ICT and Websites, Assistance to find Investors, Commercial Analysis, Business Planning and Reviews.

Peter is currently working with SMEs to achieve major contracts (in excess of GB£40M) with the Primes; he is also setting up a complete Internet based business package as a Turnkey system for a Farmer who wishes to sell meat products directly to the public, providing ‘worthy individuals’ with CVs and websites, and still carrying out some Tuition work (the future lies in the Education of the young).

Peter’s hobbies include most Country sports, including fly-fishing (when he can catch the flies!) and breeding and working his gundogs. His garden is a place of continuous development, and he is now seeking a new house for a development project.

The Guildford Entrepreneur School speaker was Dr Andrew Lucas born in Melbourne, Australia in 1949, Andrew gained his Bachelor’s (Honours) Degree in Mechanical Engineering in Melbourne and later, his PhD in Aeronautical Engineering at Queens College, Cambridge University, UK.

After spending some 20 years in the UK and Australia, in a wide variety of high technology posts, including Associate Director of the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute, Andrew formed his first company, Agent Oriented Software (AOS) Pty. Ltd., Melbourne in 1997. From that beginning, Andrew then extended his activities across the UK the USA. Andrew has over thirty years of experience in various engineering roles in aerospace, software, robotics and defence.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Peter Hartley for putting so much energy into the night, Anne Milton MP for opening the school, Dr Andrew Lucas for delivering an inspiring and inspirational speech, the attendees, Robert Copping and Jeremy Webb who are also Entrepreneur School leaders and the team at MI for staying focused and dedicated during this very testing time and of course my family who keep pushing, driving and supporting me – without you none of this would be worth fighting for.

ES leaders Guildford


Dreams to Reality

Bradley Chapman – Founder

Million Impossible – Raw Magazine – Entrepreneur School

Watch our latest video about Entrepreneur School

Watch Bradley Speaking at The British Library “Inspiring Entrepreneurs Event”

Have you Pitched Simon Dolan yet?

26 10 2009

Have you pitched Simon Dolan Yet?

Simon Dolan went from paperboy to “Accountancy Guru” after he created SJD Accountancy now a multi million pound business that he started with just ten pounds. Simon’s firm currently employs around 150 people.

Simon is more than your average Entrepreneur, he runs a successful business and is now an active Business Angel investor. He has made the headlines recently offering a share of his £5 million investment fund to aspiring and experienced Entrepreneurs using Twitter.

When Simon was introduced to me I saw that he was not a high profile TV style Entrepreneur but something drew me to him and he kindly allowed me to run an interview. Read the Interview Here.

It was one of the most interesting interviews I have experienced. The reason I found it interesting was not because Simon is now a successful businessman but because he was listening to me and taking everything on board even though he had already gone through the adversity I spoke of. I could hear the cogs of thought, the calculation, the assessment of me and my business. It amazed me how quickly he grasped the concept of Million Impossible and took the time to ask about the business.

I was really inspired by the interview and have now had the pleasure of meeting Simon formally (I spilt coffee on his lovely reception floor at his offices) and I have met and interviewed his sister Lisa Keeble as well″.

When you start a business it can be very difficult to secure investment and there are so many hoops to jump through. Simon has taken that myth and smashed it out of the ball park.

Simon Has Announced That He is Here & He is Here to Play!
I interviewed Simon again yesterday while he was enjoying a short break in Monaco with his family. I apologised for catching him on holiday and he said “No problem let’s talk”, that is the kind of support and availability you will get from Simon Dolan once you have passed the Twitter Test!

Read the rest of the interview and to find out how to pitch your idea to Simon Dolan then click here now

The Power of Being a Positive Entrepreneur – by Bradley Chapman

1 04 2009

It really touches me and even on the darkest of days like today when our revenue is less than 50% of what we need to cover our costs and a day when I have delivered an amazing heartfelt and visionary speech to my team and yes i guess that it may have empowered the courageous among them.

It’s 4.45 and i am nearly passing out from exhaustion and lack of sleep through worry and not being able to do, create and deliver everything that Mi is demanding and needing right now..

I can sit back and eat my cottage pie with the comfort that I am not alone and that we all share the highs and lows of being in business… There are days that I love calling myself an Entrepreneur and days that i shake in fear for what i have had to do, some good and some bad.

I just spoke to a lady called Sue who is a life coach and she told me how she had come back from a near death experience.. Sue no speaks to Entrepreneurs and encourages them.

Its people like like this that puts us all to shame with our simple whims like “Where is everybody”

Team Million Impossible

“GET BUSY LIVING OR GET BUSY DYING” – Shawshank Redemption

Lots of Bradley

PS- I wish i could carry all of you but i cant. You all have wings. please join me and fly with me and together we will achieve something that no other network has been able to.


Business SOS – This part of the web site is wide open for any of the areas listed and featured to be taken over by members of MI – do you have any ideas. This is a really good opportunity for Mi Members.

Angels Den – we are looking to pair with a VC company that will provide VC funding and advice for our members?

Business PR – we need a PR agency to take over and sponsor this area of the site and help our members with PR and Marketing?

Mi News – we need a professional press release business to sponsor and run this aspect of our site so that our members can issue free and paid for press releases. Our members need advice and guidance on writing, proof reading and promoting a press release – any ideas/ contacts?

This is just for starters. If you realise that we will have around 40,000 members by then end of Dec 2009, then think about this! Do any of you really want to waste negative energy on the things that you don’t have,instead use that energy positively and get the things you want? Ummm….. Thought provoking.

For all that are fighting to build the forum, I thank you and i will never forget – Thanks for being there

Bradley Chapman – MD
Million Impossible – The Entrepreneur Network

Entrepreneurs don’t lose your heads under pressure

12 02 2009

I am sorry that my blog entries have not been as regular as normal. We have been going through some changes in the business, most of which is very positive but this has drained our time and our resources.

We have appointed a new creative agency to head up the design of Raw 6, which is our first printed edition. Everyone at Mi would like to extend our thanks to Clare Bradbury, Chris and the team at Passion Marketing for the amazing pitch and the time spent on their design concepts – Brilliant! Everyone at Team Mi HQ are looking forward to a dynamic and essential read for Raw Entrepreneur 6, which will be available in both printed and digital formats.

In every day business life and as most Entrepreneurs would agree, life can become very frenetic and at times you do need to step back and work out a precise planned strategy but of course at Mi most days our best laid plans turn into chaos!

We have installed a new CRM system “Fusemetrix” again with great thanks to Matthew Ballinger and his team at Web Office Systems. Matt we love the system and the support is first class and we cannot wait to promote your system to our members. It is cost effective and does everything that you need whether you are in a service, supply or stock holding sector.

We try to maintain a very humble approach to our Entrepreneur members as we too know only too well how hard it is in this difficult climate to build a business, let alone make a profit. Of course along the way most businesses will at some stage face adversity and as my post header suggests:-

“Entrepreneurs don’t loose your heads under pressure”

If you work alone, take time out to talk to other people and ask for their feedback. If you are member o Million Impossible’s network then go online and ask for help. If you have a team that cannot manager pressure then teach them to handle pressure. This may take some time, but persevere and you will have wins.

As Entrepreneurs we cannot shows flaws to our staff and they must see you as a person that can think outside the box, solve a problem or challenge and turn a negative into a positive. Teach your team to be solution thinkers. Instead of saying something cannot be done teach them to find a make to make it happen.

If any of you have seen the film K19 staring Harrison ford and Liam Nelson you will know what I mean. Take your people to the limits and when the time comes, you will know what they can and cannot do.

I am looking forward to Entrepreneur School and we have so many excited people that wish to get involved both Tutors and Pupils.. We will be holding a pre launch at a London venue in the next couple of weeks and I will keep you all informed as to our progress.

Well done to Heidi Weir for interviewing Max Clifford, who will be on the front cover of edition 6 of Raw Entrepreneur Magazine. We have uploaded Max’s Mi Tube video to our website so please take a look.

Dreams to Reality

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This video says everything about me – “I will never quit as an Entrepreneur”

12 12 2008

I have come this far and have faced so much adversity that i could probably write a book on what not to do. I have been through ups and downs throughout my life. I have experieced and seen so many things. I have given love and I have been loved. In life many things can be taken from you, but after all is said and done one thing remains and that is your spirit , and that my friends can never be taken by anyone!

“Instead of having the rug being pulled from under your feet, instead learn to dance on a shifting  carpet”

Listen to the video and hear the words – Even on the darkest of days it keeps my eyes on the prize.

Entrepreneurs take risks that ordinary folk just could not conceive of

Regards Bradley

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