5 07 2011

I have spent a lifetime creating, building and growing various businesses. I have been successful for a number of reasons and I believe a large portion of my success is down to perseverance, determination and courage.

Being successful in business is largely due to the decisions that you make. We all make mistakes of course, but it is the decisions you make and the actions you take that determine your success, we just have to make more good decisions than bad. When you make a bad decision, learn from it and be prepared next time. If you make a good decision giving your business a positive result, duplicate it and improve it.

Some decisions can be tough to make because they could have a negative financial impact on your business and it is said that procrastination is the thief of time. If it is a big decision then take your time and get a second opinion, running through the situation and scenario with someone whose judgment you trust. They cannot make the decision for you but hearing someone else’s point of view may help you to make the right decision or adjust your plans.

It takes great courage to make decisions in business and the reason it takes such resolve is that you have to live with them good and bad. I believe without a doubt that making decisions for your business makes you stronger, wiser and commercially astute.

Even as your business grows whether you are a manager or a business owner you will need to make decisions. I enjoy the fact that many of our employees have autonomy in their roles and this makes our companies such great places to work.

I took the decision recently to start my succession planning and it was a decision I knew that I had to make. Letting go of something that you have built is not easy and finding the right people that will run your businesses in the way that you have built them takes a great deal of trust and faith.

I wish you every success with your decision making process and remember there’s no such thing as a tough decision only tough people who make everyday decisions.

Best Wishes

David Gold



5 07 2011

The idea that the private sector must grow, and grow fast and, by doing so, bail the country out of its current economic woes, seems to have become de facto recession busting policy. The idea is that this growth will not only create wealth but also save us from 1980s unemployment levels, as thousands of civil servants are decommissioned to cut costs. In theory this strategy sounds plausible.

So why don’t we get on with the hiring and get the recovery on the road? I’ll tell you why: it’s because when I hire someone I’m obliged after a couple of months to give them an employment contract. The problem being that once said contract is in place getting rid of them (should they not make the grade) without facing a hefty employment tribunal claim, is practically impossible.

One of the reasons why the public sector has become so ungainly and inefficient in the first place is because for years it has been allowed to hire endlessly without ever jettisoning those who weren’t up to snuff. Thankfully the government is attempting to sort this situation out, so surely it would make good sense not to allow it to develop in private industry?

That’s why I think two years is a much more reasonable length of time for someone to be in a job before they must be offered a contract by right. I’m not saying that should be the case all the time, but offering a contract, complete with all the benefits that go with it should be the choice of the company paying the wages. In short we need far more freedom to be able to fire people who are unable to carry out their jobs to a satisfactory standard.

Now I’ve got that off my chest I’d like to add that if we can radically reform employment law along these lines, so that things aren’t so heavily stacked against the employer, many more, not less, people would end up in work.

The reason being by removing the potential hazards (and costs due to the potential of losing tribunal cases) of getting an employment decision wrong would be far less. And what’s more, the slackers, and everyone’s had a few on their books over the years, who toe the line for a few months, but once over their probation period, become disruptive and work-shy, would surely become extinct. Now there’s an environment where we might have a much better chance of tackling the recession.

Charlie Mullins

New partnership with Raw Business

17 02 2011

New partnership with Raw Business

Dynamic Consultants have been given the opportunity to design and develop the online part of the business with a hope to taking it to the next level.

What Bradley had to say:

Bradley said earlier “I met Daniel at one of the Raw Business networking events and immeidately felt a connection with him. Daniel has the skills and the attitude required to take our website to the next level. The web site we have now was a good start but it has poor navigation and poor structure making it less user friendly than we initially required. We required a web developer to re design our website that has forward vision as well as a feeling of pride and participation with what he is doing and I belive Daniel has exactly that.

I am pleased that we are finally underway with the next stage in our design and it will be an exciting time for our members to enjoy all that we have to offer under one roof with great navigation. We also have a coule of great new design concepts, which we will be launching over the coming months.

I am pleased to be working with Daniel and wish him every success. Raw Business will also be offering startup web packages from March 2011 through to full bespoke websites”.

Raw Business:

Raw Business is the UK’s leading business network that talks openly about the daily issues that business owners and entrepreneurs face. From the lows of adversity and failure, to the heights of achieving success and seeing your business flourish, Raw Business tackles these in a frank, meaningful way.

Raw Business offers a complete business support package with an online network, face to face business networking and education meetings across the UK, a monthly business publication and plans to open regional training centres for budding entrepreneurs and startup companies, Raw Business supports, encourages, advises and pushes you and your business to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams!

Raw Business Online

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Raw Business offers you:

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Signing up with Raw Business is quick and easy. Click the ‘Become a member’ link at the top of this page to join the Uk’s leading business networking and education community.

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Raw Business Magazine is the monthly, free distribution magazine from Raw Business featuring:

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Every subscribed member of Raw Business received a copy of the magazine direct to their door every month and we also distribute it through our friends, suppliers and columnists.

Raw Business TV

One of the most exciting and open online business support chanels of the internet, Raw Business TV broadcasts 5 days a week bringing you support and advice from business experts including Raw Business members and high profile entrepreneurs.

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Raw Business strives to bring you a complete business support and advice community and by using a mix of our brands, we beleive that you can put your business firmly on the road to growth and success.


Raw Business welcomes latest columnist David Gold

10 09 2010

Raw Business the UK’s leading entrepreneur networking and business publishing company announced today that David Gold has joined Raw Business Magazine as a columnist.

David Gold is Chairman of Gold Group International, whose business interests include Ann Summers and West Ham United FC. David Gold recently sold Birmingham City FC and Sport Newspapers, with business partner David Sullivan.

Bradley Chapman, managing director of Raw Business and editor of Raw Business Magazine recently interviewed David Gold for a front cover feature and interview with Raw Business Magazine. We asked Bradley about David Gold joining Raw Business as a columnist:- “I interviewed David at his amazing home in Surrey recently and we spoke about his early life, his amazing career and his thoughts on UK entrepreneurship – David touched me with his words of wisdom and he presented my with his family crest, which I treasure. I am thrilled that David will be writing a column each month in our magazine”

Raw Business offers a totally free online business and entrepreneur networking website to their members. Registered members receive a copy of Raw Business Magazine each month posted directly to their door. Bradley Chapman has interviewed some of the UK’s highest profile entrepreneurs and business people including Max Clifford, Doug Richard, Richard Farleigh, Jacqueline Gold, Caprice Bourrett, Phil Hall, Charlie Mullins and Rachel Elnaugh. Raw Business was founded by Bradley Chapman and Simon Dolan.

The company has thousands of online business networking members who use the company’s networking facility to help them support and grow their businesses. The website offers a Facebook style members profile. Bradley Chapman secured investment from Simon Dolan, successful businessperson and serial business angel investor in January 2010.

Simon Dolan has put up a £5 million pound business angel investment fund for entrepreneurs to pitch him. Raw Business announced recently that all future member ships fees to use the networking services have been waived.

Raw Business Magazine confirms Rachel Elnaugh as regular columnist!

8 09 2010

Raw Business magazine is delighted to announce that Rachel Elnaugh has joined our team of regular columnists.

Rachel is the entrepreneur who created “Red letter Days”, the company that brought unique and thrilling experiences into the lives of thousands.

Rachel appeared on the first two series of Dragons Den which ensured that she gained celebrity entrepreneur status. This has led to over 300 engagements at business and enterprise events over the past 5 years. From business networking, conferences and entrepreneurial events, Rachel has experienced them all as well as giving evidence to parliament on the development of an Enterprise Culture in the UK and being a resident of the British Library Business and IP Centre.

In 2008, Rachel won the IAB Champion for Entrepreneurship in the UK Award and was runner up for the SFEDI Supporter of Enterprise Award in 2009. She is also an avid supported of the Princes Trust. This wealth of experience means that Rachel can bring an extensive library of advice, support and opinion to the readers of Raw Business Magazine.

Rachel Elnaugh personally mentored Bradley Chapman during 2008-2009 and has since opened many doors for him reflecting in positive commercial changes to Raw Business. Rachel will be appearing in Raw Business Magazine from Edition 13 onwards.

Welcome to the team Rachel from everyone at Raw Business

David Gold interviewed by Bradley Chapman at Raw Business

3 08 2010

I met up with David Gold at his beautiful Surrey mansion spending the most wonderful and fascinating two hours of time interviewing and just talking to him. David Gold’s businesses are valued in the hundreds of million pounds bracket. I have interviewed many high profle entrepreneurs and do you know what, I love this man! I do not mean in the literate sense, I love him for his kind and open nature. Everyone I spoke to about David that knew him said that he is a lovely man and how right they are.

David Gold recently completed the sale of Sport Newspapers for £50 million,Gold Air for the same amount and sold Birmingham City FC for £82 million, a club that he purchased for a pound. Most recently he acquired a majority stake in West Ham United FC with his partner David Sullivan. At the age of 73 this great man shows no signs of slowing down.

So how do you go from being brought up in the East end of London, surrounded by abject poverty  with little or no money and for the most part, brought up in a single parent family to becoming not only a highly successful entrepreneur but more so, an entrepreneur who is loved by everyone around him?

I asked David a series of questions and his answers will show you that by using a mixture of courage, determination and a lit bit of luck that anyone can do it.  I interviewed David’s daughter Jacqueline Gold for our front cover feature of edition 11 and I am so proud to now have her father on the front cover.

Do you think that your challenged childhood had an impact on your desire to succeed in business?

It was so awful but at the time it is your life and you don’t know anything different. We had no TV no radio and no desire to be on a sunny beach with beautiful girls. We had no understanding of what was out there.  I used to go to bed in my clothes because it was so cold.  My life journey was fuelled by the abject …………

read the full interview here

Raw Business Global Entrepreneur and Business Network Launches

24 03 2010

Hi everybody

I am pleased to announce that our new business networking website has now gone live. To register free please visit . My WordPress blog will remain live but all my new posts can now be found on the main raw Business website at “Bradley’s Blog”

Raw Business is an online business networking, face to face business events and business magazine publishing company. Many of you that have read articles on my blog will know that adversity is my middle name! I faced a very tough back-end to 2009 to the point where i very nearly gave up my dream of helping to increase UK business success rates.. financially it is very tough for me personally right now however i am pleased to announce that during january 2010 Raw Business received funding from Simon Dolan who is a success entrepreneur and business angel investor.. Our story was covered in the financial times a few weeks ago..

To find out more about our journey please visit where I continue to write and talk openly and honestly about the challenges that I have faced.

Thank you so much for your interest in our business and both Simon and myself look forward to seeing you register with us.

Best Wishes Bradley Chapman

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