Bradley Chapman launches online business coaching program

4 05 2011

I received so many responses last week from business owners and entrepreneurs who asked for my help with their businesses. I was inspired by the sheer amount of people who will not give up the fight to make their businesses a success and the diversity of different business offerings. I received emails and calls from such a large range of business sectors that it has inspired me to offer online coaching to a larger audience at a more affordable price.

Not everybody can afford my personal mentoring fees and I want to be able to pass on my experience to you. As a result, I have decided to launch a remote cost effective business coaching and mentoring service to assist business owners where budgets may be tight.

My new coaching service costs only £25 per month and you can subscribe and unsubscribe when you like. Over the coming months I am going to deliver a series of secured access, live and recorded webcasts, newsletters and emails that will my pass my knowledge and passion on to YOU!

I will also provide you with my mobile number so that we can chat when you need to speak to me. It may well be that you need motivation or you may need my advice or just a bouncing board to help you make a decision.

If you are serious about your business and wish to succeed then subscribe to my new service and be prepared to have your mind opened up to a whole new world of opportunity. I will deliver my skill knowledge and attitude directly to you. You will be then be able to put them into action immediately delivering positive changes for your business.

What you will get for your money:-

  • A weekly live webcast that all coaching subscribers can join in and ask questions which I will answer. Each week we will cover a new topic from social media to business angel investment. The webcasts will be recorded and can be viewed at a later date if you miss the live version.
  • A weekly dedicated mentoring newsletter that delivers topical business support and mentoring advice direct to your inbox.
  • Weekly updates of recommended suppliers and contacts that will help you move your business forward as well as free business solutions that you can use to your benefit.
  • All monthly subscribers will be listed with links in my personal blog to promote their company and website.
  • Free unlimited business articles can be added to my networks business articles sections giving you valuable back links to your website.
  • Every subscriber will qualify for their own entrepreneur interview which will be placed on the Raw Business website Interviews Section
  • You will receive my mobile number for motivational chats, business advice and general support as and when required.
  • You can put forward specific requests to me for webcast topics that will help your business now and in the future.

Subscribe now to be added to my exclusive online coaching and business mentoring service:

Bradley Chapman – Business Coaching and Mentoring Service
 Montlhy Payment : £25.00GBP – monthly Yearly saver : £250.00GBP – yearly

Areas we will be covering over the coming weeks:-

Social Media – How to use it to your advantage
Recruiting staff – What to look for and what to avoid
Business Planning – How to avoid the cash flow trap
Websites – Building costs effective web solutions
Brand Development – Creating a brand that is remembered
Outsourcing – Keeping costs low
Purchasing – How to reduce your costs and keep your profits high
Motivation – How to find it, keep it and use a positive flow for your business
Finances – Finding the right business angel and or investor
Cash Flow Management – Can factoring help your business
E-marketing – Create regular newsletters to build your database
CRM systems – Are you using the right one to grow your business
Telecoms – Phone systems, virtual and geographic numbers
Other Areas that we will be covering Include:-

Sales and Sales operations
Sales/ Telesales Training
Sales Manager Training
Full KPI review
Incentives/ Commission Structures
Full Media pack design and distribution
Review employment contracts/ co protection
Full product review and overhaul
Look at existing and new routes to market via in house/field operatives
Establish and consolidate your client base
Outsourced sales option

Marketing Mix
Assess Brand Strengths and weaknesses
Bring the company in line with all social media marketing
Evaluate website – key words and SEO, CPC Data collection and control for marketing purposes
Look at ways of promoting your brand via my network and published magazines

Bring the company and team together to improve work rates and work ethics
Asses all areas looking at time/ costs and managing effectively
Weekly/ monthly heads of dept meetings to review current situ and implemented changes
Evaluate all purchasing costs 

I look forward to you joining my coaching sessions. Over the coming weeks I intend to connect my personal subscribers allowing them to network extensively with each other creating an inner circle of personally mentored business owners and entrepreneurs.

“One of my biggest successes was taking a company from £75k revenue per month to over £1.4 a month million a month within six months. I have over 20 years of direct business experience covering UK and overseas markets. I have direct high growth business experience that I am now offering to you”

Regards and Best Wishes
Bradley Chapman 

For all enquiries please email

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Bradley Chapman delivers – Seizing the Day – Motivational webcast

11 12 2010

Bradley Chapman - Entrepreneur

Good morning everybody

I felt totally compelled to record a live webcast this morning as i feel so alive with enthusiasm and energy. I wanted to share my thoughts with you on how you can seize the day. I love being an entrepreneur and more importantly i love helping business owners grow and develop their businesses.

If you do one thing today before you start work or you need extra motivation during your day then watch this webcast and i guarantee it will inspire you and help you deliver amazing results today.

Wake up and Seize the Day – with Bradley Chapman

You can view the video in the viewer below but i strongly recommend you click the link and watch it in the full video platform, which displays the powerpoint presentation slides.

View the full webcast platform here

Raw Entrepreneur Magazine Goes to Print!

16 04 2009

Hi everybody

It has seemed like a lifetime to us moving from our previous digital Raw Magazine Editions into a fully printed glossy A4 printed version for edition 6.. Well myself and Scott are both pleased, humbled and honoured at the same time to deliver our best edition yet featuring an exclusive interview with the UK’s highest profile PR agent Mr Max Clifford!

Read Raw Mag 6 Here

I have worked with Scott for over 6 years and during that time our relationship has moved both forward and backwards at the same time. It takes a very long time to build a working relationship with a business partner and it takes and even longer time to be able to respect and understand each others strengths and weaknesses. If you can work together as a team and share a common vision or goal then of course anything might be possible. We have worked on our differences and we seem to be moving into a new respect zone.

We had some launch shots taken last week to celebrate the Raw Entrepreneur Magazine edition 6 in print and at first they started really seriously and before we knew it we started to feel almost as if we were famous for a minute!

This is the first image that we took and as you can see we looked like a pair of serious plonkers.

What a pair of plonkers!

What a pair of plonkers!

This is the second Image and as you can tell we have warmed up a little and starting to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

feeling more comfotable with the camera

feeling more comfortable with the camera

This is about the sixth shot that we took and we are starting to get in the mood feeling like we might just make it as Entrepreneurs…

Oh yes now we are kicking back and playing for the camera

Oh yes now we are kicking back and playing for the camera

Oh yes lets get our teeth stuck into this whole photo shoot. feel it see it taste it!

Bradley Chapman and Scott English show their teeth

Bradley Chapman and Scott English show their teeth

OK then it think its time to really let rip… “Shall we pull our pants down together Scott” – “But Brad i am not wearing any”, “OK then Scott looks like it just me, but if i pull my pants down everyone will who i really am!” , Brad don’t worry this is Raw Entrepreneur Magazine – A magazine for Entrepreneurs who can be honest with who they really are”, “OK then Scott but our whole world will change if i do it…… Here go”.

Damm Damm  i really did not want everyone to know who i really am!

Damm Damm i really did not want everyone to know who i really am!

2008- The Million Impossible Team

16 07 2008

This is the small team of people who are building the back end of Million Impossible’s Entrepreneur Business Network. They are all very dedicated people and all of us have been through a tough time either personally or in business or both.

We are making sacrifices in terms of time, income, emotions, family and friends in order to keep our dream alive which is to build one of the Worlds most successful Entrepreneur and Business Networks with very limited funds…

The reason that we are trying to do this is to prove that regardless of age, race, financial position, gender, religion or nationality that you can make your dreams a reality if you unite with other people and draw upon their strengths.

Heidi is our operations Director and she has a heart of gold, a solid business head and is one of the most loyal people i know. Always an air of inspiration- A true fighter. She is also very Shy and does not like her picture on Blogs (but ill tell you a secret – our members can see her full picture at Heidi definitely holds our business together and she is the BIG CHIEF and when she says no! We all pay attention.

Heidi Weir “The Shy One”

This is a picture of Colin Stroud who is our web development director and has been the inspiration behind the design of our web sites. Colin not only manages all the art and design work he also manages some 20+ domains that we own and run. Colin is a quiet but observant guy who has a wicked sense of humour. You have to be very careful when you go on a firms night out as he can drink and usually ends up in a corner mumbling “I’m Alright, I’m Alright” – A great guy that is a dedicated, loyal and hard working director and dad of one.

Mr Colin Stroud “The Human Torch”.

And this is me Brad Chapman, just a simple guy really. I want to help businesses and change the way that we think as a business community but its not easy because so many people are too proud to accept or ask for help until it’s too late but if we do then our businesses journeys become easier and we will all feel more “JOY than “DESPAIR” along the way..

Brad Chapman “Believing is everything”

You cannot build a ship without the right team, You cannot set sail unless you have a captain, a navigator and an engineer. In business terms you have an Entrepreneur, a manager and a technician and without an excellent working relationship between these three characters you are dead in the water.

You also need money to fund the project and for that we have to thank Mr Simon Clarke, Mr John Blewitt, Mr John Chapman and Mr Frank Crossley for believing in our idea and funding the initial stages of development and more recently Rachel Elnaugh (former MD of Red Letter Days and panel of investors on the BBC’s Dragons Den programme.

We are now 8 months old and are going through growths pain like many other start up businesses. The greatest thing about our business is that we have a great team, who have a big heart and who are prepared to do whatever it takes to make Mi a success..

Regards From all the Mi Team

Bradley, Heidi, Colin, Mat, Ryan, Kirsty, John B, John C, Simon, Frank and Adam

2008- Courage Under Fire, Making Important Business Decisions

16 07 2008

Hi Everyone

I thought that i would let you know where the business currently stands. We started the business last November as you know with very limited capital and we are now approaching 1000 Entrepreneur members. The network is growing and our members have started to talk to each other and share their ideas as well discussing their joys and despairs. 

We have decided that during the “Credit Crunch” period that of course business is tough and we have two choices. Stay as we are and keep moving along very slowly or take on more sales staff to increase our revenues. We have decide to take on more staff and as from Monday we will start 4 more sales staff.

The new staff will increase morale, increase the buzz in the office and more importantly provide us with surplus cash so that we can move the business forward. It is a big decision and we are very much looking forward to a favorable outcome.

Of course we could fail and many business are in very similar situations where they are having to make important business decision that may well determine the future direction that their business takes.

Million Impossible is our main website and we hope that we will acquire 1,000,000 members within the next 12 months and become the UK’s leading Business Network for honest Entrepreneurs who have to courage to talk about their challenges.

We feel that so many business networks talk only about success at Million Impossible we want our members to feel that they can talk to someone else about their challenges so that everyone can benefit not only from our collective successes but also our collective mistakes. We now have members in the USA, England, Scotland, India, Australia, Singapore amongst others.

Join us now and help us build the Strongest Entrepreneur network in the world.. Membership is free and you can register now at

You Don’t have to have a badge on your sleeve to have honour!

Regards Bradley Chapman

Many of the 4 million expected UK Business Start Ups launching in the next 12 months will Fail? – Could their chances of success be increased?

15 05 2008

It is expected that 4.7 million new businesses will be created during the next 12 months most dreaming of becoming the next Sir Alan Sugar, James Dyson or even Sir Richard Branson yet more than 90% will more than likely fail.

The Credit Crunch, poor cash-flow, profitability, lack of knowledge, lack of experience combined with the highest levels of stress that Entrepreneurs endure will in the main result in shattered dreams for theses courageous success driven Entrepreneurs.

Many Entrepreneurs who have failed would say, if I could do it again I would do it very differently, but just what exactly are the most costly mistakes a budding business Entrepreneur makes and if these mistakes were successes then how many of these businesses would have a much higher chance of success?

Many successful Entrepreneurs have at one time or another faced liquidation and even bankruptcy due to not having all the skills and knowledge required to be successful whilst high profile Entrepreneurs like Gerald Ratner have come through their challenges to make a full recovery. The major problem that we face in the UK is that bankruptcy and liquidation is frowned upon where as in the United States it does not carry the same stigma.

What if Entrepreneurs we not afraid to talk about the mistakes that they have made instead passed on this knowledge to other Entrepreneurs, then surely less mistakes would be made, more businesses would succeed and a higher percentage of Start Up Businesses would survive!

An Essex based company has created an Entrepreneur and Business Support website with “Prevention is better than Cure” thought process in mind and their idea just might catch on. The business idea was conceived by Bradley Chapman after he was forced into bankruptcy. He could not run his own business as a bankrupt instead gave the idea to a number of investors who subsequently created a board and a new business was formed.

We spoke with Bradley Earlier today and asked him what exactly is Million Impossible and how does he think it could help UK Entrepreneurs? Bradley said – “I went through a very challenging financial and personal time during 2006/2007 and had hit rock bottom. I have had many successes in business and have made some disastrous mistakes. I class myself as an Entrepreneur and we take risks to achieve our dreams, I believe that if Entrepreneurs stand together and talk about their failures as much as we love to talk about our successes then we could all learn from it.

Everybody talks about becoming a Millionaire and the name just came to me MILLION IMPOSSIBLE. I did not want the site to be the same as the usual corporate happy clappy business networks already in the market, instead I wanted to urge people to be honest and share their pains and challenges with each other so that the business became an Honest Network, which currently does not exist in the UK market. Million Impossible has been created for UK Business Underdogs and I have written a blog on the site which is called the Unknown Entrepreneur because so many Entrepreneurs are unknown because they just do not make it.

I have been honest with who I am and what I have been through. I will face criticism and even investigation due to my bankruptcy, but if the website changes the way that budding and experienced entrepreneurs help each other and together we can help more businesses succeed then we will have achieved hat we set out to do. All businesses you need a catalyst and I hope that my honesty will pave the way for more Entrepreneurs in making their journey that bit easier”.

The Business Underdog web site launched last November and is starting to make waves in the UK Networking arena and offers two levels of membership. You can register and use the site free or become a lifetime member with added benefits.

Members have started to talk honestly about their businesses respecting each others journey. The business offers everything from free advertising and memorable numbers to merchant services and hopes to capture the hearts and minds of the struggling UK Entrepreneur community by constantly delivering an enhanced value proposition to their  members.

Million Impossible PLC
The Essex Technology & Innovation Centre
Ongar, Essex CM5 0GA

Tel: 0845 468 5000 Fax: 0845 468 5001

Contact: Bradley Chapman


2008- Million Impossible! Dreamers Dream it,The Thinkers Think It, Entrepreneurs Do It!

12 05 2008

Being an Entrepreneur is not an easy job. We take risks, we face failure more times than we realise success and we go to hell and back trying to achieve it.

The idea behind Million Impossible was very simple. Create a web site and unite Entrepreneurs together in the UK and then who knows the world. Join all our knowledge together and help each other! It would not matter whether you were bankrupt and facing financial disaster or whether your were already in your own eyes “Successful”…. If we could all share our experiences good and bad and be totally honest about them then we all just might have a greater chance of success.

Trying to get people to see your vision is slightly different. Can you imagine pitching to people while you are a bankrupt that you have an idea that could change the way that Entrepreneurs act towards each other. But don’t worry, as an Entrepreneur you will be called “CRAZY” more than once! Well that was 7 months ago and two stages in web site development later Million Impossible does not seem as Impossible as we first thought.

I can tell you this – People will ride on your coat tails of your fame and fortune while you are successful. You will impact many lives for the better, perhaps 1000’s as i have done and yet you can be discard in a second and dropped like a hot potato.

  1. Start Now- Don’t be afraid to start again with or without money you can do it!
  2. Alone- Take comfort that you are not the only one trying for the Impossible Million
  3. Dreams- Follow you dreams and don’t ever give in even when you face your darkest hour
  4. You’re not the first- Talk to people who have been through what you are going through
  5. Celebrate the wins – Remember to smell the roses along the way
  6. Kaizen – instead of passing blame, find a solution
  7. Trust- Trust the ones you love and love the ones you trust
  8. Visualise – See it, feel it, do it
  9. Touch  – Go out and research your market and obtain feedback
  10. MAKE IT HAPPEN – and above all ask for help!

The next stop for Million Impossible is to gain 1000+ members plus and then on to 5000 + members. We need your help in raising our membership numbers. The simple fact is that the greater number of people who register free and use Million Impossible the greater the benefit we will all receive and more Entrepreneurs will have a far greater chance of their business being successful.


Strength in Numbers

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