5 07 2011

I have spent a lifetime creating, building and growing various businesses. I have been successful for a number of reasons and I believe a large portion of my success is down to perseverance, determination and courage.

Being successful in business is largely due to the decisions that you make. We all make mistakes of course, but it is the decisions you make and the actions you take that determine your success, we just have to make more good decisions than bad. When you make a bad decision, learn from it and be prepared next time. If you make a good decision giving your business a positive result, duplicate it and improve it.

Some decisions can be tough to make because they could have a negative financial impact on your business and it is said that procrastination is the thief of time. If it is a big decision then take your time and get a second opinion, running through the situation and scenario with someone whose judgment you trust. They cannot make the decision for you but hearing someone else’s point of view may help you to make the right decision or adjust your plans.

It takes great courage to make decisions in business and the reason it takes such resolve is that you have to live with them good and bad. I believe without a doubt that making decisions for your business makes you stronger, wiser and commercially astute.

Even as your business grows whether you are a manager or a business owner you will need to make decisions. I enjoy the fact that many of our employees have autonomy in their roles and this makes our companies such great places to work.

I took the decision recently to start my succession planning and it was a decision I knew that I had to make. Letting go of something that you have built is not easy and finding the right people that will run your businesses in the way that you have built them takes a great deal of trust and faith.

I wish you every success with your decision making process and remember there’s no such thing as a tough decision only tough people who make everyday decisions.

Best Wishes

David Gold


Raw Business welcomes latest columnist David Gold

10 09 2010

Raw Business the UK’s leading entrepreneur networking and business publishing company announced today that David Gold has joined Raw Business Magazine as a columnist.

David Gold is Chairman of Gold Group International, whose business interests include Ann Summers and West Ham United FC. David Gold recently sold Birmingham City FC and Sport Newspapers, with business partner David Sullivan.

Bradley Chapman, managing director of Raw Business and editor of Raw Business Magazine recently interviewed David Gold for a front cover feature and interview with Raw Business Magazine. We asked Bradley about David Gold joining Raw Business as a columnist:- “I interviewed David at his amazing home in Surrey recently and we spoke about his early life, his amazing career and his thoughts on UK entrepreneurship – David touched me with his words of wisdom and he presented my with his family crest, which I treasure. I am thrilled that David will be writing a column each month in our magazine”

Raw Business offers a totally free online business and entrepreneur networking website to their members. Registered members receive a copy of Raw Business Magazine each month posted directly to their door. Bradley Chapman has interviewed some of the UK’s highest profile entrepreneurs and business people including Max Clifford, Doug Richard, Richard Farleigh, Jacqueline Gold, Caprice Bourrett, Phil Hall, Charlie Mullins and Rachel Elnaugh. Raw Business was founded by Bradley Chapman and Simon Dolan.

The company has thousands of online business networking members who use the company’s networking facility to help them support and grow their businesses. The website offers a Facebook style members profile. Bradley Chapman secured investment from Simon Dolan, successful businessperson and serial business angel investor in January 2010.

Simon Dolan has put up a £5 million pound business angel investment fund for entrepreneurs to pitch him. Raw Business announced recently that all future member ships fees to use the networking services have been waived.

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